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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to the Machine folks, they want you!

Folks, fellow Americans,

Thanks a million for your call ins and comments on this week’s show! The Human Food Factor Show has just picked up a large audience in Florida and several in South Carolina so, it is apparent that people are waking up to a reality none of us ever thought would happen, in our lifetime.

You know the funny part to all this is, it doesn’t matter what anyone believes in. It doesn’t even matter who you voted for. It isn’t winning the contest that matters, it’s where the game plan lands you.

You would think we might have noticed by now, that the steps towards “Better” have been represented by shorter steps backwards. Anyone that says different is either nuts… or blind.

Sure, you may have accumulated some more wealth and assets over time, but how’s that earning been treating you? You’ve handed over half your earnings and the remainder only has the buying power of 50 cents on the dollar. Sounds like a rotten investment to me.

That’s how the FED makes their money, per their agreement with the federal government They profit through inflation and taxes. That’s why costs and taxes keep going up.

Case and point, it has been this way longer than I can remember. It’s never mattered who wins the contest, it has always been in measures of the same backward movement. With our present administration, they’ve only created an enhanced view of what happens when you shift "bad" into high gear. Sure, it’s getting worse, as usual, but a heck of a lot faster. It’s just a bigger leak.

Go to my website and meet some of these people!!! Look at their plans and the organizations that are being formed to control them (us)! Look where their money is coming from!


Wake up and learn what's going on. You won't believe any of this until you see it with your own eyes! Go to my website- "HISTORY LESSON" page. See you next Saturday at 5-7 Eastern.

Archives of the show can be found at http://libertynewsradio.com/shows/hff/2010/september

Have a great week folks and see you next Saturday! Tell a friend, the more listeners, the better.



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