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Friday, September 24, 2010

Too much information, not enough truth. Dial us up on "The Human Food Factor"- Saturdays, at 5-7 Eastern!

The Human Food Factor website now has a new tab called “HISTORY LESSON”, at:


Dial us up nationwide, in Canada and Mexico, for the Human Food Factor Show on Saturday from 5-7PM Eastern time. Your callins are required and that number is 866-986-6397. America is waking up and we can only hope, it's in time!!

This new page on my website is where you can look at my references, many of which are government sites that verify what I am telling you, my listeners.

Some of this information is very difficult to comprehend or understand. Many say, ‘Our government would never do this.’ or, ‘Why would they allow these things to happen to us?’

What makes controversial subject matter “controversial”?

The term “controversial” describes an absence of fact. If you’re missing any part or fact involving any story or act, you are missing a key element to the truth and a complete picture.

This is what is happening to us. If we are missing even one part of a story, we can’t ever know or even visualize the truth about: who, what, where, when and why, concerning any story or act.

These are the elements that complete the picture. You have to have all the parts to know exactly what the “picture” is. This is where we are at... We need to figure this out ourselves.

I have seen more arguments between sensible people with open minds, who look at the presented facts and are confused, and the others who simply say, ‘There’s nothing we can do even if they are doing these things.’ Or, ‘It’s impossible and makes no sense.’

Part of this statement is absolutely correct;

IT MAKES NO SENSE but, perhaps it does, to someone!!.

I am sorry to say, we are being fed whatever dialog suits the deliverer and God knows what else they’ve done. The manipulation of the truth has been going on since the beginning of time; to the end benefit of whoever is delivering the message.

1. FACT: I have spent a great deal of time researching who is paying for and directing the stratospheric and tropospheric aerosol spraying projects, in our air supply. CHEMTRAILS, the contents of which I have found are toxic to all humans, plant and animal life on this planet.
2. I have seen the evolution of our natural food supplies being replaced with genetically modified and bio engineered products that are now said to fill 70% of our supermarket shelves, unlabeled as such. This is considered “intellectually patented product”, with only a few owner/global suppliers. *Of interest also, is who is funding and directing these projects
3. I am continuing to study why the framework for global supplied foods, toxic aerosol spraying and geothermic manipulation of our atmosphere is being supplied by the United Nations, with the 2 largest financial supporters being the USA and the UK, when nobody I know, ever voted for it.

These subjects concern the availability and quality of our air, water and food supply being taken over by a group of global corporations, being funded and directed by those who have the most money.

This is the key to our story. Who, what, where, when and most importantly, WHY? If a company had a job to do and has numerous obstacles, how far would they go to insure their venture will be successful and profitable, to their investors? How far would they all go?


Check it out for yourself on my website:


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Call in your comments on Saturdays 5-7 Eastern at 866-986-6397! Tell the listening public what's eatin' you!!!

Wake up and see what's going on. You will not believe anything until you see it with your own eyes! Go to my website- "HISTORY LESSON" page.

God help us all and God bless America.

Howard Axtell, author and show host
"The Human Food Factor" and "Show"


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