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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Much too little, too late??? A 9-11 tribute to Americans

Folks, we had an excellent tribute to 9/11 today. We made light of 5 different “events” in our history that resulted the deaths of almost 4000 innocent Americans, on American soil.

We looked at all the common denominators of these events. The similarities between these events are the perpetrators and in making note of the evolving results, could easily be described as motive. We are talking multiple capitol crimes from arson to capitol mass murder, ON OUR OWN SOIL.

Our callers included Mary from Albany NY, a responder for 9/11, whose friends from work have died from their duties at the at the World Trade Centers 9/11 site. To date, last count of dead responders is at 836. What could have been in that dust that is causing all those deaths and cancers???

We heard from Adrian, my friend in Costa Rica who moved there in response to over taxation and his money being used for a war he did not support. Bravo Adrian!

Jim from WV gave a heart rending discourse on 9-11 and the perpetrators that did it, along with the aftermath results of this event. History repeating itself again and again. Bravo Jim, we agree and hear you loud and clear!

Today, Ron and I want to offer a heartfelt hoorah to every American that is waking up and realizing what peril we are in. I ask that each and every one of you should realize and ask yourself: WHAT’S NEXT???? Are we to fail yet another test of our brightness??? How many more have to die before we wake up?

Already 4000 Americans are dead on American soil… We had better wake up and take the reins. It may be too late already but at least we will know who is doing all this and why. Nobody has attacked America yet because we are too well armed as citizens. I SAY, BRING IT ON!!!!! Foreign or domestic, we will be prepared, IF WE ARE AWAKE.

Thanks for listening and your comments! We’ll be back again next Saturday from 5-7 Eastern with the Human Food Factor Show, on http://www.libertynewsradio.com and check out my book at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com ON SALE!!

See you next week, Howard Axtell, author and show host
“The Human Food Factor Show”


Here is a letter I sent to one of those internet magazines that asked for donations to promote specifically, the liberal agenda. This was my response.

Dear Don: Alternet, democracy in action

I have found your site to be interesting because you actually expose the facts concerning what is being called Right Wing media and the only other people doing that are completely whacked out Left wing nuts, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. Totally unbelievable to the general public and that's why their ratings are in the toilet.

What I have learned through extensive research is that all these media outlets, including Fox and most other Newscorp owned outlets, are all governed by the same joined group of people. So.. this little cat fight between the "right" and "left" networks both, is only entertainment fodder for the people who regard most of what they watch and hear, as fact.

The fact is, under those parameters, there are no true defined "sides", no progressives, no conservatives, etc. They all feed on each other, regardless of who is incumbent at the time. The message is the same, from the same people, just a different appearance with the same results.

I am highly critical of Glenn Beck, but up against Olbermann or Matthews, he puts a Sunday face on TV comparatively. Gross mis-examples of what is supposed to be a presentation of historical fact. Glenn falls into that also, being governed by the exact same people, just a little different twist to it which creates these false impressions of a "difference in belief".

It is what it is and anyone with a research budget, should know this. Why the simple truths or reality isn't being presented, is actually the meat of the day, the "meat" that needs to be studied.

Who are these people Don? You need to look it up. It is a hellacious study and the final grouping will surprise you, that is if you don't already know.


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