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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Human Food Factor website has a new tab!!

Hello fellow Americans, another message from the Human Food Factor Show!

The Human Food Factor website now has a new tab called HISTORY LESSON, at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com and I don't expect everyone will get out there and spend the time necessary, to research the facts I regularily present.

Too much work, no less important, just a lot of time and work. I have created this new page to to offer an easy method to view my references for what I am saying on my show, in my book and in these blogs. A ton of links, describing different viewpoints about the facts I've found.

I have spent a great amount of time this week researching who is paying for, performing and about the contents of stratospheric aerosol spraying (CHEMTRAILS). I also realized, each of the states would have to authorize this process and a name would have to be attached, for that approval.

After exhaustive study, I am numb from what I've read on government and other sites, concerning the legislative framework that provides the authority to an incredible number of programs and groups, that are taking over almost everything in our life's processes. Right down to the carbon foorprint of owning pets, having a garden, the global regulation of sport fishing and owning a gun.

The numbness I spoke of in the last paragragh, wasn't just from the Chemtrail spraying. It was the layer after layer of legalese and funding of the incredible number of organizations I found supporting global warming. Along with plans, the US is signed on to as their #1 business partner.

Every one of these organizations is funded first by the US, with policies and policing being administrated by the United Nations. Everything, from food supplies: biotech and genetically engineered foods, right down to the piracy of those global provider's intellectual property rights and biopiracy.

They're already fighting over who owns it and will control each specific portion of the planets' food supply!

The air, for anyone who hasn't noticed, has been assaulted with an incredible amount of aircraft, spraying tons of aluminum particulate to the point the skies are "whitened", a side effect of the chemical spraying. The food suppliers have produced genetically engineered crops that are aluminum and alkaloid resistant and even drought resistant. Bio-engineered fish that grow to full size in 2/3rd's the time normal, through genetic growth hormones.

Do you think maybe these growth hormones in out food, is why the American public is so inheritantly overweight? So... They will kill off and poison our plant and animal life with alkaloids, then provide all our needs, at a price of course. All in the name of unbelievable profits from global warming, that doesn't even exist.

Even with the debunking of the scientific community's reports about global warming being filled with false evidence and intentional mistruths (lies), the process is still moving ahead full steam. They are moving towards what appears to be a single global government, with the United Nations in charge. The US is backing and funding them 100%. Carbon footprints and the Kyoto Protocol has been approved and the US has that part also.

This is where Cap and Trade takes over and the population picks uip the tab. Then, the CXX (Clinton's, Gore, Obama's, Goldman Sachs, etc.), begins to trade this carbon credit commodity in the world stock market, for trillions of dollars per year, with permanent sales profits to those Chicago related participants. Did you know that Obama has signed 65 Executive Orders and an unknown amount of Executive agreements and treaties, since he got into office and 75% or these deal with this international global take over. Say good bye to freedom folks.

NO WONDER THEY WANT IT SO BAD!!!! It has been at full steam behind the scenes, for too long to dismantle, so they have said to heck with the failed G-20 and are heading for the goal post at top speed.

The job of our administrations since and including Jimmy Carter, is to make sure that we, the global public, pay for as much of these global community costs, as possible.


The truly unfortunate thing about all this is, here we are with people starving in America and where is all the money going?

Check it out for yourself on my website http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com and call in your comments on Saturdays 5-7 Eastern at 866-986-6397! Tell the listening public what's eatin' you!!! Wake up and learn what's going on. You will not believe until you see it with your own eyes! Go to my website- "HISTORY LESSON" page.


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  • At September 18, 2010 at 6:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are 'numb'. Of course you are with the research you did. Yes, most everything is directly or indirecty funded by the USG. Though I dread it, I still have to eat canned food, but I do stay away from meat as much as I can. Just look at a Tyson's chicken & see how large it is compared to a normal chicken. It's all poison & most people are eating it.

    Keep up your good work.


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