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Friday, September 10, 2010

Facts vs Fiction, what are we to believe? Convenience vs controversy; What's next??

I am a devout patriot. I am a true blue American however, my first objective in life was to verify my existence and my place in humanity; my respective position in the food chain as a part of a society made up of the same. Nothing makes any of us any better than any other yet, there are those who believe they hold precious cards that surpass those around them.

These are the people who must convince everyone and everything around them, that this is so.

I believe "proof of value" begins in heart and soul. There are those who don't have to speak, to show their value. Those who would never consider a trade off of their natural integrity, because it is nowhere in their character. Now... we have these decadent relationships with reality being laid out for us to believe in, as the most captivating and interesting stories ever heard.

Entertainment, bottom line.

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 11, 2010, the Human Food Factor will dedicate our entire show to the devastating actions of those unseen faces that enacted a plan that caused the deaths of almost 3000 Americans. Two of the most prominent buildings in America, brought down by the actions of this faceless group that changed everything about how business is done in America.

While the official investigations were swiftly rendered, so many questions from educated professionals and scientists were left un-answered, stonewalled by the media and those who provided those results. It was to remain exactly as stated, barring any further scrutiny. It was like WMD’s?

The name of Terrah, grew a face overnight and started a war that was declared a malfeasance, straight out of the intelligence community and supported by Tony Blair and then president, George Bush Jr.

This also set stage here at home for the most extensive outreach of legislative regulation, most of which had been written decades ago, to become law almost overnight. Everything changed that day. Innocent lives, sacrificed for example.

It is not the position of this show to lay blame on anyone, but to point out the overall result of this event in history and a number of points that were never elaborated on, such as eyewitness reporting and physical evidence that was simply ignored, and then completely left out. Very strange.

Tune in folks; this will be a tribute the dead Americans who didn’t deserve to be part of a plan to become sacrifices, to enhance the well being of others, whoever they might be.

Tune in, Saturday, September 11th, 2010 at 4-6PM Eastern. Call in and voice your opinions and concerns. America awaits those that care and the larger the voice, the better.

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