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Friday, September 24, 2010

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The Human Food Factor website now has a new tab called “HISTORY LESSON”, at:

Dial us up nationwide, in Canada and Mexico, for the Human Food Factor Show on Saturday from 5-7PM Eastern time. Your callins are required and that number is 866-986-6397. America is waking up and we can only hope, it's in time!!

This new page on my website is where you can look at my references, many of which are government sites that verify what I am telling you, my listeners.

Some of this information is very difficult to comprehend or understand. Many say, ‘Our government would never do this.’ or, ‘Why would they allow these things to happen to us?’

What makes controversial subject matter “controversial”?

The term “controversial” describes an absence of fact. If you’re missing any part or fact involving any story or act, you are missing a key element to the truth and a complete picture.

This is what is happening to us. If we are missing even one part of a story, we can’t ever know or even visualize the truth about: who, what, where, when and why, concerning any story or act.

These are the elements that complete the picture. You have to have all the parts to know exactly what the “picture” is. This is where we are at... We need to figure this out ourselves.

I have seen more arguments between sensible people with open minds, who look at the presented facts and are confused, and the others who simply say, ‘There’s nothing we can do even if they are doing these things.’ Or, ‘It’s impossible and makes no sense.’

Part of this statement is absolutely correct;

IT MAKES NO SENSE but, perhaps it does, to someone!!.

I am sorry to say, we are being fed whatever dialog suits the deliverer and God knows what else they’ve done. The manipulation of the truth has been going on since the beginning of time; to the end benefit of whoever is delivering the message.

1. FACT: I have spent a great deal of time researching who is paying for and directing the stratospheric and tropospheric aerosol spraying projects, in our air supply. CHEMTRAILS, the contents of which I have found are toxic to all humans, plant and animal life on this planet.
2. I have seen the evolution of our natural food supplies being replaced with genetically modified and bio engineered products that are now said to fill 70% of our supermarket shelves, unlabeled as such. This is considered “intellectually patented product”, with only a few owner/global suppliers. *Of interest also, is who is funding and directing these projects
3. I am continuing to study why the framework for global supplied foods, toxic aerosol spraying and geothermic manipulation of our atmosphere is being supplied by the United Nations, with the 2 largest financial supporters being the USA and the UK, when nobody I know, ever voted for it.

These subjects concern the availability and quality of our air, water and food supply being taken over by a group of global corporations, being funded and directed by those who have the most money.

This is the key to our story. Who, what, where, when and most importantly, WHY? If a company had a job to do and has numerous obstacles, how far would they go to insure their venture will be successful and profitable, to their investors? How far would they all go?


Check it out for yourself on my website:

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Call in your comments on Saturdays 5-7 Eastern at 866-986-6397! Tell the listening public what's eatin' you!!!

Wake up and see what's going on. You will not believe anything until you see it with your own eyes! Go to my website- "HISTORY LESSON" page.

God help us all and God bless America.

Howard Axtell, author and show host
"The Human Food Factor" and "Show"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to the Machine folks, they want you!

Folks, fellow Americans,

Thanks a million for your call ins and comments on this week’s show! The Human Food Factor Show has just picked up a large audience in Florida and several in South Carolina so, it is apparent that people are waking up to a reality none of us ever thought would happen, in our lifetime.

You know the funny part to all this is, it doesn’t matter what anyone believes in. It doesn’t even matter who you voted for. It isn’t winning the contest that matters, it’s where the game plan lands you.

You would think we might have noticed by now, that the steps towards “Better” have been represented by shorter steps backwards. Anyone that says different is either nuts… or blind.

Sure, you may have accumulated some more wealth and assets over time, but how’s that earning been treating you? You’ve handed over half your earnings and the remainder only has the buying power of 50 cents on the dollar. Sounds like a rotten investment to me.

That’s how the FED makes their money, per their agreement with the federal government They profit through inflation and taxes. That’s why costs and taxes keep going up.

Case and point, it has been this way longer than I can remember. It’s never mattered who wins the contest, it has always been in measures of the same backward movement. With our present administration, they’ve only created an enhanced view of what happens when you shift "bad" into high gear. Sure, it’s getting worse, as usual, but a heck of a lot faster. It’s just a bigger leak.

Go to my website and meet some of these people!!! Look at their plans and the organizations that are being formed to control them (us)! Look where their money is coming from!

Wake up and learn what's going on. You won't believe any of this until you see it with your own eyes! Go to my website- "HISTORY LESSON" page. See you next Saturday at 5-7 Eastern.

Archives of the show can be found at

Have a great week folks and see you next Saturday! Tell a friend, the more listeners, the better.


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Human Food Factor website has a new tab!!

Hello fellow Americans, another message from the Human Food Factor Show!

The Human Food Factor website now has a new tab called HISTORY LESSON, at and I don't expect everyone will get out there and spend the time necessary, to research the facts I regularily present.

Too much work, no less important, just a lot of time and work. I have created this new page to to offer an easy method to view my references for what I am saying on my show, in my book and in these blogs. A ton of links, describing different viewpoints about the facts I've found.

I have spent a great amount of time this week researching who is paying for, performing and about the contents of stratospheric aerosol spraying (CHEMTRAILS). I also realized, each of the states would have to authorize this process and a name would have to be attached, for that approval.

After exhaustive study, I am numb from what I've read on government and other sites, concerning the legislative framework that provides the authority to an incredible number of programs and groups, that are taking over almost everything in our life's processes. Right down to the carbon foorprint of owning pets, having a garden, the global regulation of sport fishing and owning a gun.

The numbness I spoke of in the last paragragh, wasn't just from the Chemtrail spraying. It was the layer after layer of legalese and funding of the incredible number of organizations I found supporting global warming. Along with plans, the US is signed on to as their #1 business partner.

Every one of these organizations is funded first by the US, with policies and policing being administrated by the United Nations. Everything, from food supplies: biotech and genetically engineered foods, right down to the piracy of those global provider's intellectual property rights and biopiracy.

They're already fighting over who owns it and will control each specific portion of the planets' food supply!

The air, for anyone who hasn't noticed, has been assaulted with an incredible amount of aircraft, spraying tons of aluminum particulate to the point the skies are "whitened", a side effect of the chemical spraying. The food suppliers have produced genetically engineered crops that are aluminum and alkaloid resistant and even drought resistant. Bio-engineered fish that grow to full size in 2/3rd's the time normal, through genetic growth hormones.

Do you think maybe these growth hormones in out food, is why the American public is so inheritantly overweight? So... They will kill off and poison our plant and animal life with alkaloids, then provide all our needs, at a price of course. All in the name of unbelievable profits from global warming, that doesn't even exist.

Even with the debunking of the scientific community's reports about global warming being filled with false evidence and intentional mistruths (lies), the process is still moving ahead full steam. They are moving towards what appears to be a single global government, with the United Nations in charge. The US is backing and funding them 100%. Carbon footprints and the Kyoto Protocol has been approved and the US has that part also.

This is where Cap and Trade takes over and the population picks uip the tab. Then, the CXX (Clinton's, Gore, Obama's, Goldman Sachs, etc.), begins to trade this carbon credit commodity in the world stock market, for trillions of dollars per year, with permanent sales profits to those Chicago related participants. Did you know that Obama has signed 65 Executive Orders and an unknown amount of Executive agreements and treaties, since he got into office and 75% or these deal with this international global take over. Say good bye to freedom folks.

NO WONDER THEY WANT IT SO BAD!!!! It has been at full steam behind the scenes, for too long to dismantle, so they have said to heck with the failed G-20 and are heading for the goal post at top speed.

The job of our administrations since and including Jimmy Carter, is to make sure that we, the global public, pay for as much of these global community costs, as possible.


The truly unfortunate thing about all this is, here we are with people starving in America and where is all the money going?

Check it out for yourself on my website and call in your comments on Saturdays 5-7 Eastern at 866-986-6397! Tell the listening public what's eatin' you!!! Wake up and learn what's going on. You will not believe until you see it with your own eyes! Go to my website- "HISTORY LESSON" page.


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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Much too little, too late??? A 9-11 tribute to Americans

Folks, we had an excellent tribute to 9/11 today. We made light of 5 different “events” in our history that resulted the deaths of almost 4000 innocent Americans, on American soil.

We looked at all the common denominators of these events. The similarities between these events are the perpetrators and in making note of the evolving results, could easily be described as motive. We are talking multiple capitol crimes from arson to capitol mass murder, ON OUR OWN SOIL.

Our callers included Mary from Albany NY, a responder for 9/11, whose friends from work have died from their duties at the at the World Trade Centers 9/11 site. To date, last count of dead responders is at 836. What could have been in that dust that is causing all those deaths and cancers???

We heard from Adrian, my friend in Costa Rica who moved there in response to over taxation and his money being used for a war he did not support. Bravo Adrian!

Jim from WV gave a heart rending discourse on 9-11 and the perpetrators that did it, along with the aftermath results of this event. History repeating itself again and again. Bravo Jim, we agree and hear you loud and clear!

Today, Ron and I want to offer a heartfelt hoorah to every American that is waking up and realizing what peril we are in. I ask that each and every one of you should realize and ask yourself: WHAT’S NEXT???? Are we to fail yet another test of our brightness??? How many more have to die before we wake up?

Already 4000 Americans are dead on American soil… We had better wake up and take the reins. It may be too late already but at least we will know who is doing all this and why. Nobody has attacked America yet because we are too well armed as citizens. I SAY, BRING IT ON!!!!! Foreign or domestic, we will be prepared, IF WE ARE AWAKE.

Thanks for listening and your comments! We’ll be back again next Saturday from 5-7 Eastern with the Human Food Factor Show, on and check out my book at ON SALE!!

See you next week, Howard Axtell, author and show host
“The Human Food Factor Show”


Here is a letter I sent to one of those internet magazines that asked for donations to promote specifically, the liberal agenda. This was my response.

Dear Don: Alternet, democracy in action

I have found your site to be interesting because you actually expose the facts concerning what is being called Right Wing media and the only other people doing that are completely whacked out Left wing nuts, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. Totally unbelievable to the general public and that's why their ratings are in the toilet.

What I have learned through extensive research is that all these media outlets, including Fox and most other Newscorp owned outlets, are all governed by the same joined group of people. So.. this little cat fight between the "right" and "left" networks both, is only entertainment fodder for the people who regard most of what they watch and hear, as fact.

The fact is, under those parameters, there are no true defined "sides", no progressives, no conservatives, etc. They all feed on each other, regardless of who is incumbent at the time. The message is the same, from the same people, just a different appearance with the same results.

I am highly critical of Glenn Beck, but up against Olbermann or Matthews, he puts a Sunday face on TV comparatively. Gross mis-examples of what is supposed to be a presentation of historical fact. Glenn falls into that also, being governed by the exact same people, just a little different twist to it which creates these false impressions of a "difference in belief".

It is what it is and anyone with a research budget, should know this. Why the simple truths or reality isn't being presented, is actually the meat of the day, the "meat" that needs to be studied.

Who are these people Don? You need to look it up. It is a hellacious study and the final grouping will surprise you, that is if you don't already know.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Facts vs Fiction, what are we to believe? Convenience vs controversy; What's next??

I am a devout patriot. I am a true blue American however, my first objective in life was to verify my existence and my place in humanity; my respective position in the food chain as a part of a society made up of the same. Nothing makes any of us any better than any other yet, there are those who believe they hold precious cards that surpass those around them.

These are the people who must convince everyone and everything around them, that this is so.

I believe "proof of value" begins in heart and soul. There are those who don't have to speak, to show their value. Those who would never consider a trade off of their natural integrity, because it is nowhere in their character. Now... we have these decadent relationships with reality being laid out for us to believe in, as the most captivating and interesting stories ever heard.

Entertainment, bottom line.

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 11, 2010, the Human Food Factor will dedicate our entire show to the devastating actions of those unseen faces that enacted a plan that caused the deaths of almost 3000 Americans. Two of the most prominent buildings in America, brought down by the actions of this faceless group that changed everything about how business is done in America.

While the official investigations were swiftly rendered, so many questions from educated professionals and scientists were left un-answered, stonewalled by the media and those who provided those results. It was to remain exactly as stated, barring any further scrutiny. It was like WMD’s?

The name of Terrah, grew a face overnight and started a war that was declared a malfeasance, straight out of the intelligence community and supported by Tony Blair and then president, George Bush Jr.

This also set stage here at home for the most extensive outreach of legislative regulation, most of which had been written decades ago, to become law almost overnight. Everything changed that day. Innocent lives, sacrificed for example.

It is not the position of this show to lay blame on anyone, but to point out the overall result of this event in history and a number of points that were never elaborated on, such as eyewitness reporting and physical evidence that was simply ignored, and then completely left out. Very strange.

Tune in folks; this will be a tribute the dead Americans who didn’t deserve to be part of a plan to become sacrifices, to enhance the well being of others, whoever they might be.

Tune in, Saturday, September 11th, 2010 at 4-6PM Eastern. Call in and voice your opinions and concerns. America awaits those that care and the larger the voice, the better.

Call in 866-986-6397. We are syndicated on AM, FM and shortwave nationwide and internationally, including Canada and Mexico. If we aren’t broadcasting in your area, listen live on our website at and all shows are archived for your listening later at:

Visit my website, purchase the book; learn where we are going, who is taking us there and why, at

Call in to the Human Food Factor Show and tell America what’s eating you!!!!!!! Call in: 866-986-6397.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who, what, where, when and why, are they doing what they're doing???

How has Hope and Change effected our life? Your life? How is it that everyone presenting sensationalized news, reorganizes the facts to either show they are trying, even when they are failuring miserably or to lay blame on others as to why they aren't doing their job.

I see this in business all the time. All the excuses in the world for why they cannot do what they were hired to do. Then they say, “I can’t do my job because of somebody else.” FAILURE, is to recognize a problem and do nothing to fix it. Maybe it isn’t to their benefit and if they can keep stringing us along, they keep getting paid. Then, the problem never gets fixed because it isn’t in their best interest.

All this jabber, when the bottom line is failure. It doesn’t matter where a problem came from or when, only solutions will correct the problem. The question is, WHEN???
Many would say, there hasn’t been enough time. Some will say (mostly the same people), the problem is too big. These are all excuses as to why they cannot or will not do the job they were hired to do.

Maybe they are doing the job they were hired to do and we are not the employer??? Too many lies and too much outright theft, at our expense.

http// is the website and if the show isn't being broadcasted in your area, can be listened to live or downloaded from

Thanks very much for listening!

Howard Axtell, author & show host
"The Human Food Factor Show"

Friday, September 3, 2010

What is to become of us? What have we become? The Human Food Factor?

The overall picture here at the "Human Food factor Show" studio is accompanied somewhat, by a feeling of remorse. We have a questionable future. I've try to picture in my mind...

What is to become of us?

We have been played like a badly tuned instrument for so many years, yet we still don't have the wherewithall to implement answers; solutions to the problems appearing around us. We are threatened into submission, in fear of legal retaliation. Honorable, safe, yet non-productive answers to a train wreck happening before our eyes; with us, our families, our country and our society on board.

What have we become?

I bought a video a while back called "9-11 In Plane Site" and after watching all the news media live reporting again, I remembered seeing it all with my own eyes. How is it, instant reporting from live eyewitnesses during an event can be so easily forgotten? How is it that a completely different story can be presented and hammered into us, be accepted as fact 100%, with no question?

How is it that we can completely believe, even when a totally different set of facts exists? How is it, we automatically ignore hands on live evidence and testimony and so willingly believe in a media news bath, from the same people who have lied to us for years???

I remember the live versions of a number of events that have happened. All the supposed evidence immediately disappeared and we were automatically supposed to believe the words of those we know are proven liars, cheats and thieves.

Look at the results of those stories. An almost automatic, preplanned interjection into the privacy and rights of the common public, under the jist of public safety.

Does anyone really feel more secure? FROM WHAT?

A top secret "American" society with over 17,000 locations, 1300 Government entities, 3,666 private sector entities, coupled with 1200 government agencies, were just some of the results of post 9-11. A blend of military, government and corporate America has formed a hidden aperatus against the "war on terror", right here in America.

The statements made in the previous paragraph were from the words of Dana Priest, a double Pulitzer prize winner and William Arkin, who are doing a research study for the Washingtion Post, to broadcast on Frontline this fall.

Now, WHO IS THE ENEMY??? WHO FEELS SAFER??? Why is it, we are the only ones feeling the pressure?

Are we getting it yet? What is to become of us? What have we become? These are questions everyone in America needs to ask him or herself. How many of us understands how it feels to lose family in one of these events? What will it take before their "emergency" becomes yours, or mine? I don't believe we are stupid, only lazy.

Thousands have died in these "events" and yet, the only resultant effects are protocols to further contain, divide and diversify the public. How do you win a war on the front end? You got it and that's how it's done folks. This is far more serious than a simple dangerous hurricane or an oil well waiting for Bruce Willis to save the Gulf. It is our life and how we believe it is supposed to be.

We have been had and we need solutions now.

Tune in to my talk show tomorrow, on Saturday, at 5-7 Eastern and let's talk more about this. The call in number is 866-986-6397 and I want the listening audience to hear your comments and viewpoints. I don't want to see more people getting hurt, I want good things for the great people here in America. We are being overrun and manipulated into submission.

It has to stop now and it begins and ends with you and I.

http// is the website and if the show isn't broadcasted in your area, it can be listened to live or downloaded from

Find and buy the video, "9-11, In Plane Site" and if only 5% is correct, (I believe even more is), we are in big trouble and have been taken to the cleaners.

We are America's last chance, as a wide awake and educated public.

Thank you for listening, you are the best!

Howard Axtell, author & show host