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Saturday, August 21, 2010



We have been led to believe we are free, yet we are captive to what we have allowed to happen to us. There is also an end game of course, and that is coming.

We are the free thinkers of the world and yet we spend over half of our life's earnings paying those who aren't doing their part. Half our lives just given away, instead of going to our families, our friends and our personal pursuits of happiness.

It’s like someone has used our Constitution and Bill of Rights as carrots, or mind fodder to cloud our vision. Are we actually a free people, in a free nation? It looks like a bait and switch to me folks.

We have been had in the most decadent and blatant manner possible. If we think getting back to the norm is going to be an easy transition, we'd better look again.

Everything is not as it seems. How we could have ever been so stupid as to let everything go on this way without even noticing is more ludicrous than the process itself.

Whether most believe it or not, we are at war already. Attacked on our own ground, from every angle imaginable. All the while, being suckered into believing that this is just the way it is in a free country. We have been smoked, deceived and robbed since 1871 and that is a fact.

The people that are orchestrating all this fun stuff don't care what we think anymore and all the way out of the closet. From stratospheric aerosol spraying, to acidification of our water and crops, commandeering our food supply chain and our parks and monuments, nothing is sacred or standing in their way. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee folks.

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