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Saturday, August 7, 2010

WAKE UP America!! Join me on The Human Food Factor Show- Sat. 5-7 Eastern!

Namby pamby, chit chat is not going to answer the call this time folks. The people organizing what we are faced today, are arranging a complete corporate takeover of all our basic needs. They are serious about this and it is not only flawed, but almost completed.

They are using every trick in the book; deception, misdirection and misinformation by the media, and open ended funding to support their agenda.

Does anyone wonder what happened to all that stimulus money?

They are depending on our wishy washy acceptance, while all these aggressive plans are being legislated. They have completely and publicly disengaged the Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the ideological foundation that made this country great. They have created an environment where the power of truth and respect is a thing of the past. At least three decades of this decadence has trained our youth and our society into believing in a hit and run lifestyle, where anything goes.

This is what got us here. This destruction of our core beliefs has all but destroyed the values that made us great. If we allow our “greatness” to be completely destroyed, WE will have destroyed America the beautiful. Our home!!!

If we accept this plan for global governance, the America we know and love will be gone forever. It’s like a vampire, you have to invite it in, then you’re done. All “it” has to do, is make you believe.

Call in, let's talk. The public needs to hear your voice!! 866-986-6397

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Check out the book "The Human Food Factor", on sale!! http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com

The time is now: WAKE UP AMERICA!! This bus is being driven off a cliff for the profit and entertainment of the global top 1% and the corporations they now represent and fund. Food, air and water. Do I have your attention yet???



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