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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A great show- "The Human Food Factor Show"!

Hello America,

Today marks a revolution in our information trail. Talk radio and researchers, scientific and historical, are paving the way to an informed America. We need to keep learning and watching for the moments that we can overcome our weaknesses and conquer the fear mongers. The time to take our lives back is coming very soon and the cost may not be cheap, but we will win.

When you consider the most important factors in our lives, it boils down to a few simple points: Food and supply, water and air. If you look at these "balls", you will find all our major corporations and ALL the news media, locked together with foreign interests. Globally, is now the key word. Global governance and ultimate funding for these Ex-American corporations is coming right out of the UK, joined with a number of other very prominent wealthy groups from a handful of other countries. The bottom line here is that we, as Americans do not have control over those who are still calling themselves “American companies, because they are not any more.

This is where the actual governorship and funding is happening for completing the plan to control these most important elements. These foreign groups are also the same people that funded the elections of most of our troublesome politicians.

Wake up!! These are key words. Misinformation and leaving out the most important parts is the message the media and these communists would have us all believe. It is all bull. If you doubt what I am saying, look up the UK Royal Society, Lord Martin Rees, his mission speech and what they are “strictly governing” and funding, right out of the Rothschild empire. The Rothschild’s, of course, are on that Board as well, times 4 or 5.

Thanks very much for your call ins and all you listeners out there. You can retrieve the archives of my shows at http://www.libertynewsradio.com and purchase my book at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com. Again, thanks you all for caring for America and our way of life, as I do. See you next Saturday 5-7 Eastern.

Howard Axtell


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