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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tired of the Lies? Say your piece- The "Human Food Factor Show" - Saturday- 5-7 Eastern

Global warming is a lie and it has been proven over and over. The entire global warming scam is a system for global taxation. The poisoning of our air by the UK Royal Society is part of an effort to unionize governments globally and is being perpetuated by the idiots that believe in this garbage. The concept of Cap and Trade taxation has been around for decades, just like the the Health Care inititive. Think back, look it up.

They have been trying to create unilateral taxation for years. It is a concept that will produce huge profits, under the control of a select group of people.

It doesn't matter who we voted for or what we believe in today, what lies around the bend is soon to reveal itself. The cost.... everyone will know and we will all see it together. It isn't pretty folks.

If you doubt this statement, just Google "stratospheric aerosol spraying project" and read the data from the scientific community for 4 or 5 hours. Then, understand the lack of pertinent research concerning the negative impact of their "proposed projects" and the fact, they've already been subjecting us to it for over 15 years.

They don't mention that part. This project affects everything we need to survive as an organism on a living planet.

Acidification of the Earths water, effects to our food supply chain, our biological and environmental evolution; just to mention a few areas that are already being substantially affected. It doesn't matter who we like or support, these are the parts of our existence that attribute to whether our species lives or dies; whether we make it or not, and who decides.

We have been had at the highest level and no matter what the popular belief is, these plans and projects have been aligned under the control of a specific group of people who are financially supporting global corporations, who in turn are producing the research and developement of these projects. This isn't tommorrow, it is happening today and has for some time now.

Anyone who believes that mankind can manipulate or orchestrate Nature's business better than Nature itself, is a fruitcake. These actions have already started an evolutionary chain of events that could end life as we know it. This is all about the money and power, and is being presented under the guise of saving the planet and mankind.

Again, these people are nuts and at the end of the day, it serves only them.

Tune in today, at http://www.libertynewsradio.com and call in (866) 986-6397.

Offer your comments and let America hear your thoughts. If these insane projects continue, a mad Max scenario is right around the corner. Check out my book on the subject, at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com. Be a part of the movement that saves the world from tyranny. Be the smart part of evolution that recognizes destruction VS beauty.

Be a free thinking patriot that believes in God's plan and Natures ability to provide all our needs. Call in, state your name and where you're from. If you believe in freedom, you belong here. We need you.



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