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Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Balls in the air!" The Human Food Factor Show 5-7 Saturdays

So…. What if you are ordered to buy Health Care for $800 a month and you don’t have it? Then you receive your fine in the mail for $2000 and you don’t have that either?
Then the IRS steals your tax refund and puts a tax lien on your home? What if this happens to you?

What are you, the American public going to do? What are we going to do?
This is going to happen soon folks and we had better join together and create plan that works. If we don’t put our heads together and at least slow them down, we’re toast. In a number of different venues.

We are talking not just the Health Care bull, how about something really important that no one is talking about except us: How about our food?? How is it our administration is spending all this money feeding entire countries and saving entire populations when we are losing a half a million jobs a week in America?

I hate to sound uncaring about mass starvation, earthquake victims, flood victims etc. but what about us???? Why is our money being handed out to these countries when our own well being, is in the toilet.

They’ve paid the major corporations to leave America and give these same countries all our jobs and the taxable incomes that used to be spent here.
Now we are giving them the dregs of what is left here???

Why is it: that it is cheaper to buy fast foods from these major corporate global chains, than it is to purchase quality food from the market?????

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