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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today is the day to transform America- The Human Food Factor Show Sat- 5-7 Eastern!

Today is the day we must all realize who we are as a people. Americans, with a belief we are free to pursue our happiness and sovereignty, by standing on our own two feet.

We do not need to be fed, we can feed ourselves. We do not need free housing that isn'r really free. It's theft of others hard work and money. We had better realize there is no such thing as a free lunch. We had also better understand that there are those who want to control and distribute all these "lunches", from a single point distribution system.

In consideration that "they" are only interested in profits and the power that sales create, product quality and value is of a lesser concern. Case and point: GMO and bioengineered foods are not required to be labeled as such. Approvals for these processed foods were bought from the people that were lobbied and/or launched into office through massive contributions.

"They" do not care. It is all about the money.

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November is closing in and the libtards are getting very creative and ansy about their plans. The time to wake all the way up, IS NOW!! The call in number to the show is 866-986-6397 and your comments and views are always appreciated here!

Howard Axtell, author & show host

Saturday, August 21, 2010



We have been led to believe we are free, yet we are captive to what we have allowed to happen to us. There is also an end game of course, and that is coming.

We are the free thinkers of the world and yet we spend over half of our life's earnings paying those who aren't doing their part. Half our lives just given away, instead of going to our families, our friends and our personal pursuits of happiness.

It’s like someone has used our Constitution and Bill of Rights as carrots, or mind fodder to cloud our vision. Are we actually a free people, in a free nation? It looks like a bait and switch to me folks.

We have been had in the most decadent and blatant manner possible. If we think getting back to the norm is going to be an easy transition, we'd better look again.

Everything is not as it seems. How we could have ever been so stupid as to let everything go on this way without even noticing is more ludicrous than the process itself.

Whether most believe it or not, we are at war already. Attacked on our own ground, from every angle imaginable. All the while, being suckered into believing that this is just the way it is in a free country. We have been smoked, deceived and robbed since 1871 and that is a fact.

The people that are orchestrating all this fun stuff don't care what we think anymore and all the way out of the closet. From stratospheric aerosol spraying, to acidification of our water and crops, commandeering our food supply chain and our parks and monuments, nothing is sacred or standing in their way. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee folks.

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Tired of the Lies? Say your piece- The "Human Food Factor Show" - Saturday- 5-7 Eastern

Global warming is a lie and it has been proven over and over. The entire global warming scam is a system for global taxation. The poisoning of our air by the UK Royal Society is part of an effort to unionize governments globally and is being perpetuated by the idiots that believe in this garbage. The concept of Cap and Trade taxation has been around for decades, just like the the Health Care inititive. Think back, look it up.

They have been trying to create unilateral taxation for years. It is a concept that will produce huge profits, under the control of a select group of people.

It doesn't matter who we voted for or what we believe in today, what lies around the bend is soon to reveal itself. The cost.... everyone will know and we will all see it together. It isn't pretty folks.

If you doubt this statement, just Google "stratospheric aerosol spraying project" and read the data from the scientific community for 4 or 5 hours. Then, understand the lack of pertinent research concerning the negative impact of their "proposed projects" and the fact, they've already been subjecting us to it for over 15 years.

They don't mention that part. This project affects everything we need to survive as an organism on a living planet.

Acidification of the Earths water, effects to our food supply chain, our biological and environmental evolution; just to mention a few areas that are already being substantially affected. It doesn't matter who we like or support, these are the parts of our existence that attribute to whether our species lives or dies; whether we make it or not, and who decides.

We have been had at the highest level and no matter what the popular belief is, these plans and projects have been aligned under the control of a specific group of people who are financially supporting global corporations, who in turn are producing the research and developement of these projects. This isn't tommorrow, it is happening today and has for some time now.

Anyone who believes that mankind can manipulate or orchestrate Nature's business better than Nature itself, is a fruitcake. These actions have already started an evolutionary chain of events that could end life as we know it. This is all about the money and power, and is being presented under the guise of saving the planet and mankind.

Again, these people are nuts and at the end of the day, it serves only them.

Tune in today, at and call in (866) 986-6397.

Offer your comments and let America hear your thoughts. If these insane projects continue, a mad Max scenario is right around the corner. Check out my book on the subject, at Be a part of the movement that saves the world from tyranny. Be the smart part of evolution that recognizes destruction VS beauty.

Be a free thinking patriot that believes in God's plan and Natures ability to provide all our needs. Call in, state your name and where you're from. If you believe in freedom, you belong here. We need you.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Balls in the air!" The Human Food Factor Show 5-7 Saturdays

So…. What if you are ordered to buy Health Care for $800 a month and you don’t have it? Then you receive your fine in the mail for $2000 and you don’t have that either?
Then the IRS steals your tax refund and puts a tax lien on your home? What if this happens to you?

What are you, the American public going to do? What are we going to do?
This is going to happen soon folks and we had better join together and create plan that works. If we don’t put our heads together and at least slow them down, we’re toast. In a number of different venues.

We are talking not just the Health Care bull, how about something really important that no one is talking about except us: How about our food?? How is it our administration is spending all this money feeding entire countries and saving entire populations when we are losing a half a million jobs a week in America?

I hate to sound uncaring about mass starvation, earthquake victims, flood victims etc. but what about us???? Why is our money being handed out to these countries when our own well being, is in the toilet.

They’ve paid the major corporations to leave America and give these same countries all our jobs and the taxable incomes that used to be spent here.
Now we are giving them the dregs of what is left here???

Why is it: that it is cheaper to buy fast foods from these major corporate global chains, than it is to purchase quality food from the market?????

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Friday, August 13, 2010

"What If?" The Human Food Factor Show- Saturday- 5-7 Eastern!

Fellow Americans,

Here we are again! We have discovered so much about where we are headed, who is taking us there and why. We have talked about all the different components of our lives that are being taken over by a rogue government and the people who financed their way into power. We are no longer a people governed body, as our Constitution and Bill of Rights lined out for us; no longer a country made up of sovereign states, governed by a free people.

We are working for "THEM" now and paying for the priviledge. This is so wrong!!

I predicted that the present administration was never destined to be the best or the most popular dog in charge of this dog and pony show. His only job requirement was to pound AMERICA into a submissive position. These people don't care about us. They only want our subservience AND OUR MONEY.

I also predict this administration, having been bought into office as a nobody, through 54 million dollars of investment lobbying from Goldman Sachs, has softened the public for acceptance of a new "savior" of the Democratic Party and America; Hillary Clinton, the next hopeful to lead the once "free World".

Folks, this is the beginning of the "End Game" people are wondering about. Hillary Clinton will bring her all tireless efforts beginning with with globalized gun confiscation, Cap & Trade and the global food supply manipulation that she has worked so hard towards. For 2 years, she has worked to bring our reality into a globalized posture. This is her job in a nutshell and she is being controlled by the same people our "leaders" are being controlled by.

Enforcement will be given to international interests as well ie: the United Nations and Interpol. The CFR, the UK Royal Society, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg's are all joined together in this agenda and these efforts are being funded and arranged completely by the House of Rothschild and their 140 trillion dollars, that we know of.

If you have any doubt about this, wake up and look it up yourself. The facts are all there for you, as was for me. IT IS ALL THERE! They are not hiding it anymore.

How can a successful rapper have his door broken down, a shotgun stuffed in his face and his children and wife scared to death, while they empty his entire house of valuables, including his platinum albums before he is even convicted of charges? Then you have Charlie Rangel, John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius and the rest of the tax cheats in the White House keeping their yachts, their freedoms, their jobs and their properties, while they'll most likely never see a courtroom, ever. This is rediculously unfair!!!!

Our show this week is called "WHAT IF". What if this happened to you? What if you couldn't afford $800 per month for your government provided Health Care and got hit with a $2000 fine, and don't have that either.

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Our call in number is 866-986-6397. You are needed for America to hear!! We are heading into a gray zone at lightspeed and we'd all better get the boots out and talk about it. What do we do when "IT" happens?? It isn't a question of "if" anymore, it's "when". I suggest it may be soon.

Please join us and let's get our act together nationwide on the best syndicated AM, FM podcast and shortwave radio talk show around. Liberty News Radio is the best!

Howard Axtell, show host of "The Human Food Factor"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A great show- "The Human Food Factor Show"!

Hello America,

Today marks a revolution in our information trail. Talk radio and researchers, scientific and historical, are paving the way to an informed America. We need to keep learning and watching for the moments that we can overcome our weaknesses and conquer the fear mongers. The time to take our lives back is coming very soon and the cost may not be cheap, but we will win.

When you consider the most important factors in our lives, it boils down to a few simple points: Food and supply, water and air. If you look at these "balls", you will find all our major corporations and ALL the news media, locked together with foreign interests. Globally, is now the key word. Global governance and ultimate funding for these Ex-American corporations is coming right out of the UK, joined with a number of other very prominent wealthy groups from a handful of other countries. The bottom line here is that we, as Americans do not have control over those who are still calling themselves “American companies, because they are not any more.

This is where the actual governorship and funding is happening for completing the plan to control these most important elements. These foreign groups are also the same people that funded the elections of most of our troublesome politicians.

Wake up!! These are key words. Misinformation and leaving out the most important parts is the message the media and these communists would have us all believe. It is all bull. If you doubt what I am saying, look up the UK Royal Society, Lord Martin Rees, his mission speech and what they are “strictly governing” and funding, right out of the Rothschild empire. The Rothschild’s, of course, are on that Board as well, times 4 or 5.

Thanks very much for your call ins and all you listeners out there. You can retrieve the archives of my shows at and purchase my book at Again, thanks you all for caring for America and our way of life, as I do. See you next Saturday 5-7 Eastern.

Howard Axtell

WAKE UP America!! Join me on The Human Food Factor Show- Sat. 5-7 Eastern!

Namby pamby, chit chat is not going to answer the call this time folks. The people organizing what we are faced today, are arranging a complete corporate takeover of all our basic needs. They are serious about this and it is not only flawed, but almost completed.

They are using every trick in the book; deception, misdirection and misinformation by the media, and open ended funding to support their agenda.

Does anyone wonder what happened to all that stimulus money?

They are depending on our wishy washy acceptance, while all these aggressive plans are being legislated. They have completely and publicly disengaged the Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the ideological foundation that made this country great. They have created an environment where the power of truth and respect is a thing of the past. At least three decades of this decadence has trained our youth and our society into believing in a hit and run lifestyle, where anything goes.

This is what got us here. This destruction of our core beliefs has all but destroyed the values that made us great. If we allow our “greatness” to be completely destroyed, WE will have destroyed America the beautiful. Our home!!!

If we accept this plan for global governance, the America we know and love will be gone forever. It’s like a vampire, you have to invite it in, then you’re done. All “it” has to do, is make you believe.

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The time is now: WAKE UP AMERICA!! This bus is being driven off a cliff for the profit and entertainment of the global top 1% and the corporations they now represent and fund. Food, air and water. Do I have your attention yet???