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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Life, Our Job. Tune in to- "The Human Food Factor Show"- Sat. 5-7 Eastern

Hello folks,

This show is about where reality meets coincidence; the "Who, What, Where, When, Why & How" factors. This is about knowing the truth before anyone puts their "spin" on it. It is a huge problem facing us as a society. We only know what we are told and is not necessarily a dependable method for knowing the truth.

I have always been an inquisitive sort of guy. I study the "who stands to gain" aspects of presented information, acts and events. All the wonderous and mysterious stories we're told! Stories. So much of the regulated data being pumped into us everyday redifines what would be normally be, a relatively simple process for determining and understanding the truth.

This process applies to everything, excluding phenomenon and pure coincidence. I believe phenomenon and coindidence only applies to 2-3% of our everyday life, if that, and that is due to today's level of technology

First- "Something" happens, and the "What", "Where" & "When" part of the equation emerges. This is where things get interesting. The "stories" begin to flow, decribing all the parameters surrounding whatever the "event" or story of the day is. These stories would then form the "Why", the "Who" & the "How" factors.

Thirdly- The participants begin their explanations. They present whatever explanations are necessary to disclose their involvement, non-involvement and/or liability. This is where "they", the participants usually attempt to divert attention away from them(selves) or the problem and direct our attention elsewhere.

It is amazing to see; more often than ever before, these excuses actually point right at the heart of the matter, even though these "excuses" or whatever, aren't saying that at all. A wild and interesting story claiming non-involvement in an "act" or "event" actually shows a desparate attempt by those who won't or don't want to accept the responsibility of their involvement.

This is a social psychological study. When these graphic and elaborate explanations are presented by whomever, one must see them for what they are. They typically create a separation, or distance between them and the "event" and it's liabilities. In other words, responsibility.

People need to acquire this curiosity. If an "act" were uncovered and disclosed (the "What, Where & When"), the first step is to understand the "event" and what was gained or lost. Then, we must understand "Who" lost and/or gained from whatever happened.

Then, the third step and most importantly; to watch and listen to all the little mice who claim participation, telling their stories about their involvement, or non-involvement and responsibility. Typically, this is where the "cause", the "Who & Why" presents itself. They always return to the scene of the "crime" because they usually have a stake in whatever "it" might be.

This is part of today's study on The Human Food Factor Show, Saturday 5-7 and is also described in my book, aptly named the same! If there isn't an AM, FM or shortwave station in your area carrying the show, it can be listened to live at http://www.libertynewsradio.com. The shows are also archived there for downloadable listening, at a later time.

I thank you for listening! I send emails and blogs only to those I know and care about. Possibly, maybe even others get them! Enjoy and if you'd like to be one of our callers, that number is 866-986-6397. Howard


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