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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Human Food Factor Show and Independence Day 2010!!

Hello folks,

Today's show went well. Didn't have any callers probably because I was busy doing all the talking! Today's focus was on tomorrow being Independence Day (the most important Independence Day we will ever see), in consideration of how "things" are going here in America. We also taked a lot about perpetuated weakness and solutions for preparing for an almost guaranteed meltdown and/or event to come.

I thank everyone for your contribution in making our nation a better place. We have always been a hard working, friendly nation and now, it is being suggested that we can't take care of ourselves and we really don't even need to try. Our every need will be provided by a new higher power. There is a snake in the henhouse begging to get all the way in and depending on our weakness and accommodating nature, the outcome will decide our future.

Don't do it. It never sleeps, in wait of weakness and if we let it in, we can kiss our freedom and independence goodbye forever. The trade off, is our control of our own lives, entrusted to people who have a proven track record in failure. There is nothing friendly about it and the lives of an entire species is too high a price tag to gamble with. Just my thoughts on the matter....

Have a very happy Independence Day and spend a little of it thanking those around you for being there and helping do some of the heavy lifting it takes to be a stronger, more successful nation.

Today's show can be downloaded by right clicking on the 1 & 2 and save target to your desktop, from http://libertynewsradio.com/shows/hff/2010/july/ . Also, my book can be purchased on sale from http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com !! Thanks very much for listening!


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