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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"CALL IN" talk show! The Human Food Factor Show- Sat 5-7 Eastern!

Hello folks, Patriots and fellow Americans,

Last week we talked about the fraud, lying, cheating and stealing being perpetrated daily, by our self serving leaders. These people are supposed to be working for us but instead, we are woking for them and paying them for the priviledge.

The American public and private business sector is about to get slammed with more taxes and subservience than anyone could ever imagine. Who would ever suspect that anyone in their right mind would ever create an environment, such as this?

We are about to see this with our own eyes, who would have ever thought? I don't care who you voted for or what you believe in. The agenda of those with money enough to buy elections and mold our global business world into a command post powerhouse, are working together to create this environment.

An environment designed to create profits from our ever living breath. How much of the brief time each of us has on this planet, are we willing to give up? How much of our blood, sweat and tears do we have to give away before we realize, THAT'S ALL WE ARE DOING? How much of every day do we spend working, just to give that money away to bring Palestinian refuges here to the USA by the thousands?

Maybe that's why all the huge mosques!!!

How about the provisions being created for the UN to enforce this kind of legislation when the people finally wake up and realize, we are being overun in our own country and the people in charge are making it happen????

This is the ball we NEED to be watching. While the mainstream media is keeping everyone occupied with spewing plumes, Lohan going to jail and every other stupid mind game imagineable, all these permanent life changing, "unread" pieces of legislation, are being pounded through. And, if a vote is inconvenient or not timely enough, executive orders are being cut to ram them through without the approval of Congress, the Senate and last but not least, THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY!!

Wake up America, call in and help me tell America what is going on. If I can see it, anyone can. We must get a handle on this now and people must be made aware that there are forces and powers that be, that are in control of everything that is made of money and the only thing left to own and control, IS US!!!

CALL IN to the Human Food Factor Show today, between 5-7 Eastern (866) 986-6397 and let America hear your voice!!! We must be educated together as a group, to create effective and correct change!

Listen Live! http://libertynewsradio.com/listen.php

Download for listening later! http://libertynewsradio.com/shows/hff/2010/july/

Go to the Human Food Factor website and read the blogs, follow on Twitter, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Digg and Facebook. purchase the Human Food Factor Book, ON SALE! At: http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com

Today is the day we must rise together and show our strength in millions! Our only other option is a gray area. We can say goodbye to life and freedom as we know it, or WAKE UP and GET OFF THE COUCH!!!! Howard


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