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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Call in! Make your voice heard! The Human Food Factor Show- Saturday 5-7 Eastern!

Hello American patriots!

This show is not entertainment. It is a desperate attempt to help us all to understand and join together to fix the sickness in our fine fine country. WAKE UP, CALL IN, LET THE WORLD KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE??

Callin number-- 866-986-6397

God helps those who help themselves. Glenn Beck said ‘PUT YOUR BOOTS ON! DO THE RIGHT THING!' It all starts inside you. CALL IN, HELP ME SEND THIS MESSAGE. You are my brothers and sisters and I am depending on you to wake up, take a little time, think about it. This concerns every one of us. WAKE UP!!!!

Callin number again-- 866-986-6397

Profiteers of death: Poisons in our water, food, toiletries, manipulated history in our schools, our kids!!! No flags allowed, no Pledge of Allegiance in public, no more ‘In God we trust!’, spraying tons of poisons in the sky and interrupting natures means of redistributing humidity, condensation, water and oxygen. Do you think this might just effect weather? Maybe causing global warming??? So that these same people can make unimaginable profits?

Agenda’s that benefit huge companies who have paid for high level government support and approvals for tons of stuff that could kill us as an entire species, not a race, a species!!!!!!

For profits. WAKE UP!!!!!

Listen live or download later at http://libertynewsradio.com/listen.php. This is a VERY IMPORTANT SHOW with a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!! All fact, no play and I need your help America, WAKE UP!!!



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