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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Human Food Factor Show- a lively "call in", radio talk show!

Dear American patriots,

The Human Food Factor Show today was a lively reflection of the handful of talking points that are affecting our way of life more and more everyday. We had intellectual discussion with callers from a number of different venues and states, that offered disclosure concerning where we are headed, who is talking us there and why.

We need to talk more America. We need to wake up and smell the coffee before the agenda of the wealthiest families on Earth take over our lives for their own purpose. I will never accept the fate of becoming a servant, slave or serf; not in this day, nor ever. I feel the same about you.

Thank you very much for participating and thanks a million for listening. KEEP CALLING IN!! Let your voice and opinions be heard! Next Saturday 5-7 Eastern, live on Liberty News Radio, coast to coast on AM, FM, Podcast and shortwave radio. That call in number is 866-986-6397!


"CALL IN" talk show! The Human Food Factor Show- Sat 5-7 Eastern!

Hello folks, Patriots and fellow Americans,

Last week we talked about the fraud, lying, cheating and stealing being perpetrated daily, by our self serving leaders. These people are supposed to be working for us but instead, we are woking for them and paying them for the priviledge.

The American public and private business sector is about to get slammed with more taxes and subservience than anyone could ever imagine. Who would ever suspect that anyone in their right mind would ever create an environment, such as this?

We are about to see this with our own eyes, who would have ever thought? I don't care who you voted for or what you believe in. The agenda of those with money enough to buy elections and mold our global business world into a command post powerhouse, are working together to create this environment.

An environment designed to create profits from our ever living breath. How much of the brief time each of us has on this planet, are we willing to give up? How much of our blood, sweat and tears do we have to give away before we realize, THAT'S ALL WE ARE DOING? How much of every day do we spend working, just to give that money away to bring Palestinian refuges here to the USA by the thousands?

Maybe that's why all the huge mosques!!!

How about the provisions being created for the UN to enforce this kind of legislation when the people finally wake up and realize, we are being overun in our own country and the people in charge are making it happen????

This is the ball we NEED to be watching. While the mainstream media is keeping everyone occupied with spewing plumes, Lohan going to jail and every other stupid mind game imagineable, all these permanent life changing, "unread" pieces of legislation, are being pounded through. And, if a vote is inconvenient or not timely enough, executive orders are being cut to ram them through without the approval of Congress, the Senate and last but not least, THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY!!

Wake up America, call in and help me tell America what is going on. If I can see it, anyone can. We must get a handle on this now and people must be made aware that there are forces and powers that be, that are in control of everything that is made of money and the only thing left to own and control, IS US!!!

CALL IN to the Human Food Factor Show today, between 5-7 Eastern (866) 986-6397 and let America hear your voice!!! We must be educated together as a group, to create effective and correct change!

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Today is the day we must rise together and show our strength in millions! Our only other option is a gray area. We can say goodbye to life and freedom as we know it, or WAKE UP and GET OFF THE COUCH!!!! Howard

Saturday, July 24, 2010


American patriots,

Today's show covered everything we've talked about for months. Many callers had a lot to say today, although we heard nothing from the West Coast. Surprising, as we are all over Oregon and most of Washington and Utah. The East coast, Florida, Maine, Tennessee and Iowa burned it up and people had a lot to say!!

Next week, we will get right back into this uneducated "feeding the snake" process that is making our "Bosses" bigger and placing all of us in their serfdom. We are working for them and paying them for the pleasure. Bad show!

Please tune in and participate next Saturday at 5-7 Eastern! You can download today's or any show by going to to the archive page. Call in to my show at 866-986-6397 and I look forward to hearing from you!! Howard

Call in! Make your voice heard! The Human Food Factor Show- Saturday 5-7 Eastern!

Hello American patriots!

This show is not entertainment. It is a desperate attempt to help us all to understand and join together to fix the sickness in our fine fine country. WAKE UP, CALL IN, LET THE WORLD KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE??

Callin number-- 866-986-6397

God helps those who help themselves. Glenn Beck said ‘PUT YOUR BOOTS ON! DO THE RIGHT THING!' It all starts inside you. CALL IN, HELP ME SEND THIS MESSAGE. You are my brothers and sisters and I am depending on you to wake up, take a little time, think about it. This concerns every one of us. WAKE UP!!!!

Callin number again-- 866-986-6397

Profiteers of death: Poisons in our water, food, toiletries, manipulated history in our schools, our kids!!! No flags allowed, no Pledge of Allegiance in public, no more ‘In God we trust!’, spraying tons of poisons in the sky and interrupting natures means of redistributing humidity, condensation, water and oxygen. Do you think this might just effect weather? Maybe causing global warming??? So that these same people can make unimaginable profits?

Agenda’s that benefit huge companies who have paid for high level government support and approvals for tons of stuff that could kill us as an entire species, not a race, a species!!!!!!

For profits. WAKE UP!!!!!

Listen live or download later at This is a VERY IMPORTANT SHOW with a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!! All fact, no play and I need your help America, WAKE UP!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soros, Clinton and the Rothschild financial World Order.

Hello fellow listeners,

Today was probably the driest show we've had yet. I told the story of George Soros, as reported by CBS's own Steve Croft, hiding out in the USA basically because he is regarded as a criminal everywhere else, even in his own country as well.His pal list starts with Bill Clinton and his money supports the Tides Foundation, Acorn, Move On, ACLU, Apollo Alliance and many others. He also is a partner in the Carlisle Group.

We talked about how the financial moguls are controlling the direct and production of our entire food supply, our air and water, and our very existence. We then joined the dots to include the fact all these people are actually part of the House of Rothschild family governance and the fact that they sit on most every leading corporation and foundation in the World.

Please tune in next week for more information about theis ever present "Head of the Snake"! Saturdays- 5-7PM Eastern at Have a good week folks and thanks for listening! Howard

People of Distinction- The Human Food Factor Show- Saturday 5-7PM Eastern

Hello fellow Americans,

Tday's show will be a recap of the last three shows describing lying, cheating and stealing and how it is affecting our society, our children and the way we look at things in today's world.

This is an important part of an agenda that is being perpetuated through back room dealings of the very wealthy. It relates to almost everything negative that is happening to us as a society, not just here in America, but globally.

We have been dicussing who these people are and what they are doing. And, the fact that it affects everything concerning our well being financially, healthwise and psychologically, as well as the quality of our food, air and water supply.

Please listen in and call ins are welcome at 866-986-6397! You can listen live at and/or download any of our archived past shows at We are syndicated nationwide on AM, FM, podcast, internet,and shortwave radio, into Canada and Mexico.

Please participate because the message you hear here on the Human Food Factor Show, is all related to highly researched facts that are available to anyone who wants to know. And, we all need to know! These facts effect everything to do with living in harmony, on this planet. Tune in, check out my book on also! See you soon, Howard

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Life, Our Job: The Human Food Factor Show every Saturday nationwide 5-7 Eastern Time

Hey gang,

It feels good being a citizen that collects all the informational data needed to intelligently offer a viewpoint for a public audience. I consider myself to be a friend to man, as we were born and not some reconstituted or regulated clone, creating profits for someone else.

This world is not all about the money and the day a part of a tree is my God, please bury me deep! There are enough bug eyed fools to go around, being questioned in luxurious chambers, all lathered up, lying through their teeth and getting away with it.

If only the laws did apply to everyone, as the Constitution depicts. We had a great show Saturday, had John call in from Winnepeg, Canada and talked about how people need to understand the decadent message that is being pumped into society all day, everyday and the fact that we need to persevere, remembering the just and truthful message that holds us all together.

Disavow liars, cheats and thieves. Stop feeding the snake that is trying to gain control over the very substance of our lives. Our food, water and air is being contaminated and funding for that process is happening every moment of every day, right under our noses. No-one asked me if that's what I want, how about you?? Wake up, smell the coffee; there is a snake in the henhouse. We need to lock it out of our lives and starve it from growing any more powerful.

Read up, get smart, buy my new book, on sale. Do not support any of this. It will not end well and their track record is proof alone. If they have their way, they will try to provide all life support needed, for an entire species. That is their plan and all we have to do is follow their lead, to the most untimely end we could imagine. Our best interests are not in their plan, guaranteed.

Thanks for listening every Saturday from 5-7 Eastern, visit my website at and check out my book, on sale! To download the show, you can go to: and right click, save target to desktop and get both hours there sans commercials!

Thank you all for your support and your patriotic attention. We need it now, more than ever.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Life, Our Job. Tune in to- "The Human Food Factor Show"- Sat. 5-7 Eastern

Hello folks,

This show is about where reality meets coincidence; the "Who, What, Where, When, Why & How" factors. This is about knowing the truth before anyone puts their "spin" on it. It is a huge problem facing us as a society. We only know what we are told and is not necessarily a dependable method for knowing the truth.

I have always been an inquisitive sort of guy. I study the "who stands to gain" aspects of presented information, acts and events. All the wonderous and mysterious stories we're told! Stories. So much of the regulated data being pumped into us everyday redifines what would be normally be, a relatively simple process for determining and understanding the truth.

This process applies to everything, excluding phenomenon and pure coincidence. I believe phenomenon and coindidence only applies to 2-3% of our everyday life, if that, and that is due to today's level of technology

First- "Something" happens, and the "What", "Where" & "When" part of the equation emerges. This is where things get interesting. The "stories" begin to flow, decribing all the parameters surrounding whatever the "event" or story of the day is. These stories would then form the "Why", the "Who" & the "How" factors.

Thirdly- The participants begin their explanations. They present whatever explanations are necessary to disclose their involvement, non-involvement and/or liability. This is where "they", the participants usually attempt to divert attention away from them(selves) or the problem and direct our attention elsewhere.

It is amazing to see; more often than ever before, these excuses actually point right at the heart of the matter, even though these "excuses" or whatever, aren't saying that at all. A wild and interesting story claiming non-involvement in an "act" or "event" actually shows a desparate attempt by those who won't or don't want to accept the responsibility of their involvement.

This is a social psychological study. When these graphic and elaborate explanations are presented by whomever, one must see them for what they are. They typically create a separation, or distance between them and the "event" and it's liabilities. In other words, responsibility.

People need to acquire this curiosity. If an "act" were uncovered and disclosed (the "What, Where & When"), the first step is to understand the "event" and what was gained or lost. Then, we must understand "Who" lost and/or gained from whatever happened.

Then, the third step and most importantly; to watch and listen to all the little mice who claim participation, telling their stories about their involvement, or non-involvement and responsibility. Typically, this is where the "cause", the "Who & Why" presents itself. They always return to the scene of the "crime" because they usually have a stake in whatever "it" might be.

This is part of today's study on The Human Food Factor Show, Saturday 5-7 and is also described in my book, aptly named the same! If there isn't an AM, FM or shortwave station in your area carrying the show, it can be listened to live at The shows are also archived there for downloadable listening, at a later time.

I thank you for listening! I send emails and blogs only to those I know and care about. Possibly, maybe even others get them! Enjoy and if you'd like to be one of our callers, that number is 866-986-6397. Howard

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Human Food Factor Show and Independence Day 2010!!

Hello folks,

Today's show went well. Didn't have any callers probably because I was busy doing all the talking! Today's focus was on tomorrow being Independence Day (the most important Independence Day we will ever see), in consideration of how "things" are going here in America. We also taked a lot about perpetuated weakness and solutions for preparing for an almost guaranteed meltdown and/or event to come.

I thank everyone for your contribution in making our nation a better place. We have always been a hard working, friendly nation and now, it is being suggested that we can't take care of ourselves and we really don't even need to try. Our every need will be provided by a new higher power. There is a snake in the henhouse begging to get all the way in and depending on our weakness and accommodating nature, the outcome will decide our future.

Don't do it. It never sleeps, in wait of weakness and if we let it in, we can kiss our freedom and independence goodbye forever. The trade off, is our control of our own lives, entrusted to people who have a proven track record in failure. There is nothing friendly about it and the lives of an entire species is too high a price tag to gamble with. Just my thoughts on the matter....

Have a very happy Independence Day and spend a little of it thanking those around you for being there and helping do some of the heavy lifting it takes to be a stronger, more successful nation.

Today's show can be downloaded by right clicking on the 1 & 2 and save target to your desktop, from . Also, my book can be purchased on sale from !! Thanks very much for listening!


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