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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too much, too little, too late- Listen to the HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW, Saturday 5-7 Eastern

Today' show was a laid back version of the controversial subjects we discuss on this show. This is an effort to create an easy to understand format and joining them all together, connected through the same money trail that we frequently talk about.

I can't believe that we, the American public, haven't picked up on this before. This includes myself! We have been had on a monumental level. "Mistruths", "misspoken" whatever, it's all lies. The message of the mainstream media has been manipulated and controlled by the House of Rothschild, since the beginning. They have always controlled all the money and now, they have gotten into the food, air and water supply business.

A few quotes:

Mayer Amschel Rothschild : ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.’

Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild boasted: ‘I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.’

Aerosol spraying has been covered up for 15 years and is only now, publicly recognized. These sprayed aerosols contain chemicals that are contaminating the water, the air, animal and aquatic life, and natural plant life.

“GMO foods” are in bed with the top pharmaceutical companies. General Electric research teams and the Monsanto Corporation are restructuring how food is produced and distributed, on a global level. The same applies to bio-engineered foods also. There you have it; all controlled and financed by the same group: The UK Royal Society, which in turn, controlled by the House of Rothschild.

Before this "house of cards" crumbles, it will have caused the most devastating demise of a living planet, ever concocted. The dregs may effect natural evolution and life as we know it, will be changed forever. Unless it is stopped, the huge amounts of poisons being released into our environment, will be catastrophic.

We can only hope and prepare. I encourage everyone, look this stuff up and you will learn what I know. See you next Saturday, 5-7 Eastern, at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com.

Listen to the archived show from today at: http://libertynewsradio.com/shows/hff/2010/june/ and:

Buy the book on sale at: http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com, to understand...

Where we are headed, who is taking us there, and WHY!!

Thanks for listening!! -Howard-


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