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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Howard Axtell and the HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW- Saturday's 5-7 Eastern!

Well folks, today was an exception to the normal message this program offers. We started with 'who we are' and 'what we are'.

There are those who would have all of us believe that we are the ones destroying America.

Why? Because we believe that God is the all powerful and not some phony prophet bearing entitlements? Entitlements that cost, bringing people to their knees in want. Encouraging us, leading us on with gifts, like carrots on sticks.

Even Glenn Beck on Fox News, has demonized a peacefilled 70's American public & would have America believe that when we had Woodstock; we were nasty, dirty minded little people, who should have been cheering the moonwalk, instead of expressing our feelings of love and peace for each other. Who says we weren't both?

Sure, it was pretty blown out, but at the end of the day, Woodstock wasn’t all about the drugs and sex. It certainly didn’t deserve narrow minded critique from someone who never experienced it. It was all about the togetherness, great heartfelt music, music that will never die, and a vision. Peace, love, togetherness and it felt good.

It’s no one else’s life folks. It’s our life & my life; our lives and we only get one shot at it. How amazing is that? Who are we? What are we? We can start with the most basic fact… We are free. We were free at birth and no one can take that away, unless you give it away. Why would we ever do that?????

We talked about the actual scientific studies concerning the15 years of "Chemtrail" spraying, at 200 million tons per year, of aluminum coated fiberglass and berium salts that is ruining our health and environment. And, the fact that it is most likely contributing heavily to global warming.

We talked about the GE foods method of unscientific approval, being only for regulatory purpose. We discussed the gulf oil spill and the coincidental 500 million in "deals" that happened just prior and the fact, it appears they may not want to stop it?

Finally again, the money trail.... It all starts and stops with the House of Rothschild, the Rockefeller's and the Morgans, at the UK Royal Society. This is where all the governance and funding for the Chemtrail, GMO foods and biotechnology are taking place.

Very good studies folks. We need to talk about it on talk radio and look it all up on the net. These same people also govern every media outlet on the planet. Look it up and we'll see you next Saturday. See my book on my website and leave a blog!!

That website is http://www.humanfoodfactor.com

Thank you, Howard


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