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Sunday, June 13, 2010


According to the Wall Street Journal:

Obamacare allows job producing, insurance providing companies a way out of paying for the cost. The new law gives most employers a choice: Fund health insurance for your workers, or pay a fine.

Sounds great for the workers -- until you run the numbers.

The president promised that his plan won't change a thing for people who already get health insurance through an employer, such as AT&T. They're pretty good with the math and they've calculated that ditching health insurance for employees would cost them $600 million in ObamaCare fines.

But since they paid $2.4 billion in health care costs last year, that's the quickest and easiest $1.8 billion they'll ever make. Caterpillar, John Deere and Verizon are all crunching their own numbers.

Remember, once they drop your insurance you will be required by law to buy your own -- and don't think for a moment that it'll be cheaper or better. Some of my middle-class friends will have to pay $1,000 a month or more for their "free" ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office said a few months ago that discretionary spending for the first decade of ObamaCare would be $55 billion. Now, they're saying it'll be $110 billion.

Get it on with that butt kicking Mr. President!! Who's butt is getting kicked????


1. Chemtrails are actually creating notable global warming by interfering and interrupting Natures’ natural regeneration cycle for processing the Earth’s geothermic heat and humidity from the Earth, back into our atmosphere?

2. That tobacco and all food & water, has aluminum and barium in it?

3. The leading research team of GE, our Administration and the UK Royal Society has a plan in action, for an aluminum and barium resistant food supply?

4. This “conditioning” is to create the means to provide the global food supply through genetically engineered foods and to be provided by them?

5. Chemtrails are designed to affect free and safe water, Heritage and indigenous plant life, the regeneration of living species and to create unnecessary “global warming”?

6. All these things are designed to set up the Global single provider system for health, food, water and air, through their own provided chemistry and governance?

7. Cap & Trade is merely an “open ended” method to create financial assistance for paying for their proposed, “global single point provider system”?

8. The BP Gulf oil spill wasn’t an accident? Who owns it and what is their governance proposed direction for their future? Green? What do they own and control?

9. Goldman Sachs and Halliburton made large money, just days before the spill?

10. Progressives, Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, are all one in the same?

11. The left are all Communist and the Right are “freethinkers”, and always have been?

12. That the elite corporate governed agenda’s being described, have concealed their present and past activities through modifying school curriculums, through ownership of all the media outlets; all for concealing a planned future based on the consequences of their present and past actions and activities; to include pre-chosen supportive administrations, through open ended financing towards their successful election into office?

13. That it’s, ‘all about the money’? And/or, the ownership of debts?

14. Fractional reserve banking came with a plug, created by the same people who invented and installed it. A plug for collapsing these systems at will, leaves only the debt that it creates? Who owns all this debt?

15. Obama was destined to be called America’s worst president, besides Carter, Clinton and the Bush’s?

16. His only job was to punch every agenda of the elite, who paid to get him elected, any way possible?

17. His popularity was never destined to be an issue, as a 1 term president?

18. The secondary and most important motive for his election, besides agenda propagation, would be to soften the American public to the idea of different ethnic and gender leadership, in a predominantly white male role?

19. That 2 of the wealthiest female corporate CEO’s and presidents and other females, would be nominated to potentially run several of the top states in the USA? What are their associations? Their financial wealth and support is a non issue?

20. Maybe the future “global plan”, is to prepare Hillary Clinton, accompanied by her newly and feverishly acquired global foreign support, to run in 2012?

21. What might be her agenda be, in consideration of her present global activism and her global elitist financial support? It could be a “shoe in” and already planned?

22. No one in the media has asked these question? They have asked everyone else? Could it be conditioning vs surprise?

We must onsider all the possibilities, ignore nothing, observe, realize that coincidence is rare, engage in an intelligent examination of all the facts and information, including all the potential and controversial aspects involved. Create a complete picture of everything involved and again, IGNORE NOTHING.

We cannot afford to be wrong anymore, the day is upon us. The time to know all the facts is now and we cannot afford buying into any more “pigs in a poke”. The only way we can lose our freedom, is if we give it away. Plain and simple.

EXAMPLE: By the way, I just bought into a “pig in a poke”… I believed what I was told in a business deal and at the end of the day, I managed to lose approx. $30,000.00 in expected investment value. It never existed. I didn’t get what was promised and had I taken the proper steps that I should have, I wouldn’t have lost that money. Wake up Howard!

‘Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see’; is a motto we must engage in 100%. Trust nothing you hear or see and don’t leave out any of the necessary steps. Leave nothing out!!! Take the extra steps!

The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR book can be purchased at- http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com , and our radio show is every Saturday at 5-7 PM Eastern. The show is syndicated nationwide on AM, FM, shortwave, podcast, or dial in and can be listened to live, and are archived at http://www.libertynewsradio.com.

The object of the book and this show is to present a wider view of the facts surrounding our world events and to create a more complete picture of where we are at now, where we are headed, who is taking us there, and WHY.

Our listenership is growing every week! Thanks to our listeners and book purchases, I will accomplish my goal of bringing to the table, yet another avenue for learning how to deal with what is happening to us. How to interpret information and make good, solid common sense judgments is the name of the game. It’s our world, it’s our life and that’s freedom!

Again, the website is http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com and our call in number- 866-986-6397. Join our Twitter and Facebook blog, leave your comments and be welcomed as friends!! Just type in: ‘The Human Food Factor’!

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