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Friday, May 7, 2010

The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW is back from Costa Rica with tales of two countries!

The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW is back in the saddle again and I am ready to rock! Do we ever have an excellent show tomorrow!! And so many more to follow!!!

Showtime tomorrow (Saturdays) begins at 5-7 PM Eastern and from 2-4 PM on the West Coast, bringing fresh research obtained during the vacation festivities at Clarita's Beach Hotel, in Jaco, Costa Rica. Wonderful people, great food and an atmosphere that we all could take a lesson from; if only the wasteful and greedy power players here in America would let us live our lives and pay our own way.

I was amazed! The people of Costa Rica are happy with what they have and their favorite greeting is PURA VIDA, meaning pure life! I was also surprised at how many Americans have moved there. Sick of the crap and living in a country where the burdens of our system simply do not exist. They make a good living, eat fresh foods, smoke cheap lesser chemical additive cigarettes and live an existence that is cleaner than a whistle. Healthy and peaceful. AND, they have FOX NEWS in English!!

The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW is picking up momentum in it's ratings nationwide and the number of networks carrying the show is growing every day. You can listen live or download the show by going to http://www.humanfoodfactor.com and selecting the radio show. Right click to download or left click to listen live!!

The new book, "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" is still on sale and can be purchased in eBook or paperback format. The proceeds are paying for the radio show. You support is greatly appreciated and I will continue to bring you the facts and the "REAL DEAL" for as long as the radio waves will allow!!

So buckle up, let's take a trip through time and get back to the business of living good. We need to keep America free and prosperous. We have a lot of work to do and a lot of information to pass out.

Remember... knowledge is power and the truth will always hold precidence over fear and greed.

Again, that website is http://www.humanfoodfactor.com and your call ins are requested at 866-986-6397. Call in, question with boldness and let the public know how these times have affected you, your friends and family. We need answers and this is how it's done!!! Let's do this together and figure it out!!!

Your friend in life, Pura Vida!

Howard R. Axtell


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