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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going for the Best of the Best, "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW! Saturday from 5-7 Eastern!!

Hey folks, Saturday will be our third syndicated show, The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW", heard nationwide on Saturdays, from 5-7PM, on AM, FM and shortwave radio. You can pick up a copy of my book ON SALE, listen live or download shows from my website: http://www.humanfoodfactor.com

I welcome all callers. Please call in and tell your story about how everything in your life is changing. Email a "one pot meal" recipe and/or a survival tip at info@thehumanfoodfactor.com. We are compiling all survival tips and recipes, to be included free with every book sale. Again, my new book is still on sale for $13.99, plus shipping and the ebook is available there and is less expensive.

Please call in so America can identify with us!!!! Our call in number is 866-986-6397.


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