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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glenn Beck- Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

Dear Glenn,

Here we go again, too many passes amigo. I knew it, I saw it in your eyes. When you announced a full hour interview with a man who had defected and had enough, you looked like you had been hit with a hammer. What to do now? Call Mom? Answer the little red phone?

This man came to the only place he thought he could trust, to spill the beans in an effort to publicly cleanse his own soul and conscience. A 24 year ex-NAVY commander and you treated him like garbage, in front of the world and his family. I’ll bet he never saw that one coming.

You didnt even support his eyewitness verification of the same corruption you bloviate on everyday. Between Massa, Medina and several others, you did your best to ruin them all.

What you did yesterday, was attempt to deflect eye witnessed evidence on the very people you attack everyday, and without blowing your cover. How stupid do you think people are??? You could have blown the lid off, but you favored Rahm Emanuel instead. WHY would you do this? Better yet, who really stands to benefit from it Glenn?

Who stands to benefit from Sarah Palins picture being posted right beside your disparaging remarks about Eric Massas resignation and your phony interview, in NEWSMAX?

Quitters, right? Millions lost and thousands protected through these two peoples forced resignations. It was the ONLY smart and decent thing to do and in both cases, was effectively perpetuated by the left.

Here is the kicker:

You tried to force Massa to volunteer legally damning evidence on National Television. This would have put him and his family in the poorhouse, maybe jail or worse, from all the lawsuits, and you all knew it! Seeing as how comments are drawing so much attention; why isnt Bill Clinton being hooked and dragged for actually having sex in the Oval Office, lying to the world about it and getting caught red handed? The difference, he couldnt have cared less and never did thus, he never even left. Disgusting.

AGAIN, this is how you treat a 24 yr. US military Commander? A half baked punk, in shiny shoes; you are still not as rabid as Matthews or Olbermann yet, but you are catching up quick. The fact is, neither you, nor FOX or even NEWSMAX, whom I have also cancelled, are telling the truth. Alex Jones has been absolutely correct all along, the public deserves better. Disgusted.

Ex bud, Howard R. Axtell, author- The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR


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