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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Glenn...

Dear Glenn,

I listen to you, every day. You are the only televised resource that professes to teach the truth, but I’m hitting a wall and I’m not the only one. You limit the truth. You are completely disavowing the most important parts of the equation. WHY? Entertainment isn’t what we are looking for, we want to know the truth.

I have seen Bill plug “socialism” and “progressivism”, when it concerns regulating capitalism. You are promoting the same thing, but in a different format. Everyone wonders why you would stereotype someone who doubts the system that is hell bent for leather to destroy our Republic and told the truth about how she felt. You demonized Medina in Texas, along with FOX and thus, she lost. Are you going to tell us who to vote for next? Shame on you.

There are hundreds of architects that want the dubious 911 report re-investigated, regardless of its unpopularity; scientists, doctors and labs that have reported radioactive traces and thermite in the devastation and the health care that was provided, eyewitness news reports of popping groups of explosions, just prior to the buildings coming down. So exactly where are your facts and investigative powers there?

I have to tell you; this was on the news. I heard it with my own ears. Funny thing, I also heard the same identical eyewitness reporting when the OK bombing took place and now, I am hearing that the only ones with the technical knowledge necessary to have set off the explosions inside the Koresh compound, was an “independent” security level beyond the capabilities of the troops that were there. And still, there is complete government flat denial, in face of actual live filming that took place there. Do you also deny factual evidence??

Why haven’t you reported on the Clinton investigation in Arkansas, where there is still a mountain of evidence; testimony from police officers and sworn Grand Jury depositions? Millions in laundered money that bought his/their way into the White House and they are still there today? WHY have you never mentioned Brazinski or Solano? Man, you are skipping the most important parts, the parts that formed the direction that we are being taken. It ain’t the little people son, it’s their masters, the royal blood lines, and the ultimately powerful, that you have elected to ignore and erase. WHY?????? More indoctrination?

As far as the “executive orders” you claim no longer exist? Some of us know full well that you have to know, they do still exist and in fact, as FEMA directives. You are lying or wrong, one or the other and I don’t believe for one second, that you don’t know. Also, no FEMA or Homeland Security “camps”??? Don’t exist??? Why are you feeding this crap to the public? You are trying to tell me and everyone else that you have never read HR 645. It’s bullshit and you are perpetuating the problem. Why? Money? Your job? How about you tell us Glenn.

You need to come clean and help the people you claim to care about. How can you sleep with yourself? Are you working for them? Need a truth serum?

When will you wake up? We are already awake and you need to do the same!!

Howard R. Axtell


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