The Human Food Factor News: March 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello everybody! How are all my patriotic friends out there?? It seems the sleeping giant has more than just awakened! Would you like to hear another angle about what is actually going on in Washington? This new show will be a little different than most talk shows. Sure, we'll have our nitpick bicker hour but, I have made it my job to bring you things you may not know. There is so much the media hasn't reported on and...


These are serious times friends! Washington is now even snatching people out of their own homes over voicing opinions about the blatant corruption that lives there. Bar none, these are some the most gregariously un-Constitutional and illegal actions ever performed and right out in the open. We forced it! Bravo Patriots, we forced them out in the open! It's like a bunch of wimpy, but very hungry vampires!!

My new 2 hour radio show, "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" will begin broadcasting this Saturday, April 3rd, at 5-7PM Eastern, on shortwave, telephone, FM, AM and on the internet.

ALL CALL IN'S ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!! Show live from 4pm-6pm central time!

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The "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" is geared primarily as an educational tool for better understanding; 'who these people are and why the hell they're taking this bus off a cliff, with us on it.

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You know, the people are supposed to tell the state what to do, the states then tell Congress what to do and the president is supposed to follow suit and help. Somehow, THEY GOT IT ALL BACKWARDS!!!! Go figure! WHY, DO YOU THINK? There is a good reason and a benefactor for every action. Common sense.

The beauty is, they were forced out of their secret backrooms and had to show their faces as they force fed all this illegal and invasive legislation down America's throat. This is their agenda, the agenda that all the conspiracy theorists warned us about. It's no secret now, they are very serious and in a big, big hurry.

Please support the "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" by listening and calling in. Your views and questions represent Americans who believe that we were not put here to serve.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glenn Beck- Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

Dear Glenn,

Here we go again, too many passes amigo. I knew it, I saw it in your eyes. When you announced a full hour interview with a man who had defected and had enough, you looked like you had been hit with a hammer. What to do now? Call Mom? Answer the little red phone?

This man came to the only place he thought he could trust, to spill the beans in an effort to publicly cleanse his own soul and conscience. A 24 year ex-NAVY commander and you treated him like garbage, in front of the world and his family. I’ll bet he never saw that one coming.

You didnt even support his eyewitness verification of the same corruption you bloviate on everyday. Between Massa, Medina and several others, you did your best to ruin them all.

What you did yesterday, was attempt to deflect eye witnessed evidence on the very people you attack everyday, and without blowing your cover. How stupid do you think people are??? You could have blown the lid off, but you favored Rahm Emanuel instead. WHY would you do this? Better yet, who really stands to benefit from it Glenn?

Who stands to benefit from Sarah Palins picture being posted right beside your disparaging remarks about Eric Massas resignation and your phony interview, in NEWSMAX?

Quitters, right? Millions lost and thousands protected through these two peoples forced resignations. It was the ONLY smart and decent thing to do and in both cases, was effectively perpetuated by the left.

Here is the kicker:

You tried to force Massa to volunteer legally damning evidence on National Television. This would have put him and his family in the poorhouse, maybe jail or worse, from all the lawsuits, and you all knew it! Seeing as how comments are drawing so much attention; why isnt Bill Clinton being hooked and dragged for actually having sex in the Oval Office, lying to the world about it and getting caught red handed? The difference, he couldnt have cared less and never did thus, he never even left. Disgusting.

AGAIN, this is how you treat a 24 yr. US military Commander? A half baked punk, in shiny shoes; you are still not as rabid as Matthews or Olbermann yet, but you are catching up quick. The fact is, neither you, nor FOX or even NEWSMAX, whom I have also cancelled, are telling the truth. Alex Jones has been absolutely correct all along, the public deserves better. Disgusted.

Ex bud, Howard R. Axtell, author- The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Glenn- reconciliation


Dear fellow patriots-

I wrote a letter the other day, to and in regard to our friend, Glenn Beck. I explicated my frustration to the lack of a complete and full picture being presented on his daily show at FOX.

It has never been ego or some dramatic need for attention that put me in the position of researching endlessly for the fully referenced writings or radio shows I do. It is the frustration of knowing that our truth loving, patriotic community may not have all the facts that have contributed to where we are at in our humanity and in our beloved America today.

My frustration: People dont know who they are and how or why they are doing, what they are doing with us.

Dear Glenn,

Today I heard you. I watched your show again, as I try to everyday and listened to your story about your grandfathers chair. I saw myself. I saw yours and my respect for what we consider proper and decent. It isnt wealth and education that makes you smart, its heart. Its your opinion and view of yourself and others that produces the passionate care you offer humanity and in short, the freedom that was granted us at birth.

Even as you portrayed, those pot smoking hippies, being what you called the root of our national emergency, the radicals that would dare question government reports that produced an immediate massive regulation of our people and our nation overnight, and perpetuating specific electoral claims resulting in election results, I understand. Promoting certain agendas, is it wrong? Maybe yes, maybe no. Freedom of belief.

I was one of those pot smoking hippies, but I am, as you are, an advocate of truth and justice for all, under the Constitution. I want to see freedom of belief, work, life and love returned, for everyone on this planet and especially, in America.

I dont believe that many understand what this is really all about. Objectively, most want global peace and unity. A utopian environment. They think its possible. The problem is, is there are always those who think that money, power, positioning or whatever holds an ultimate precedence, when they raise their ugly heads.

All the money in the world doesnt make a better person. Its heart and compliance with the laws of right and wrong, that makes life a better place. They have attempted to indoctrinate the entire global community, to just not care any more. To care only for themselves, through pain, fear, hunger and/or mongering. Profiting from self indulgence and perpetuation of decadence.

Subjectively, is where we live. A vision is a wonderful thing and I now believe that is where our problem originated. We cannot be what we are not. That is why we must be free, free to live our God given birthright. The starting point.

I realized:

We all have our walks of life and personal directives to follow. I realized; you are relecting core values as your approach to curing our impending disaster. You say, just say NO. I realized; we patriots are all headed to the same goal, coming from all different angles, regardless of subject matter, reasoning, or the whole picture.

There you have it, the democratic process.

I realized; it doesnt matter how we get there, it matters why. Core values. Why do we want it? Is it worth it? You bet it is! I guess at the end of the day, it really doesnt matter how we get our freedom of expression and rights to life back. What matters, is that we get there, and quickly as possible.

At the end of the day: Core values are what its all about. Speak loudly, speak your heart and we will all meet back in America, as a free Nation, once again.

Peace Glenn, keep up the good work.

Howard Axtell

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Glenn...

Dear Glenn,

I listen to you, every day. You are the only televised resource that professes to teach the truth, but I’m hitting a wall and I’m not the only one. You limit the truth. You are completely disavowing the most important parts of the equation. WHY? Entertainment isn’t what we are looking for, we want to know the truth.

I have seen Bill plug “socialism” and “progressivism”, when it concerns regulating capitalism. You are promoting the same thing, but in a different format. Everyone wonders why you would stereotype someone who doubts the system that is hell bent for leather to destroy our Republic and told the truth about how she felt. You demonized Medina in Texas, along with FOX and thus, she lost. Are you going to tell us who to vote for next? Shame on you.

There are hundreds of architects that want the dubious 911 report re-investigated, regardless of its unpopularity; scientists, doctors and labs that have reported radioactive traces and thermite in the devastation and the health care that was provided, eyewitness news reports of popping groups of explosions, just prior to the buildings coming down. So exactly where are your facts and investigative powers there?

I have to tell you; this was on the news. I heard it with my own ears. Funny thing, I also heard the same identical eyewitness reporting when the OK bombing took place and now, I am hearing that the only ones with the technical knowledge necessary to have set off the explosions inside the Koresh compound, was an “independent” security level beyond the capabilities of the troops that were there. And still, there is complete government flat denial, in face of actual live filming that took place there. Do you also deny factual evidence??

Why haven’t you reported on the Clinton investigation in Arkansas, where there is still a mountain of evidence; testimony from police officers and sworn Grand Jury depositions? Millions in laundered money that bought his/their way into the White House and they are still there today? WHY have you never mentioned Brazinski or Solano? Man, you are skipping the most important parts, the parts that formed the direction that we are being taken. It ain’t the little people son, it’s their masters, the royal blood lines, and the ultimately powerful, that you have elected to ignore and erase. WHY?????? More indoctrination?

As far as the “executive orders” you claim no longer exist? Some of us know full well that you have to know, they do still exist and in fact, as FEMA directives. You are lying or wrong, one or the other and I don’t believe for one second, that you don’t know. Also, no FEMA or Homeland Security “camps”??? Don’t exist??? Why are you feeding this crap to the public? You are trying to tell me and everyone else that you have never read HR 645. It’s bullshit and you are perpetuating the problem. Why? Money? Your job? How about you tell us Glenn.

You need to come clean and help the people you claim to care about. How can you sleep with yourself? Are you working for them? Need a truth serum?

When will you wake up? We are already awake and you need to do the same!!

Howard R. Axtell