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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday is here again!!! The "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW"

Hello America!! Howard R. Axtell, author and Devin Norris, show host will be hosting the "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" tomorrow (FRIDAY), between 3-5PM Eastern at: http://wapr.fm

We will be talking about the latest news concerning Where we are headed, Who is taking us there and Why. There is a lot of new news so don't miss this one, it will be an excellent show. Americans are disgusted with the corruption and criminals being allowed to run rampant in Washington DC. We would like to hear your voice. Call ins are very welcome!!

We will also be plugging my new book "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR", which is on sale at the website: http://www.humanfoodfactor.com

Educate yourself and know what the elite foreign bankers who own FED and control our financial and economic well being, are doing behind closed doors.

Realize the fact that America is responsible and liable for any and all losses suffered by the FED, a foreign banking consortium. America continues to pay in the form of inflation and taxes.

Buy my book and see the evidence with your own eyes; defining history as it actually happened. Education is the most powerful tool there is. Prepare for the worst and be ready for anything. The bubble hasn't even begun to pop yet, but it is going to. It has to. BE PREPARED and EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Learn through reading "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" at: http://www.humanfoodfactor.com


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