The Human Food Factor News: February 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Human Food Factor News: Friday is here again!!!

Hello friends, countrymen and women!!! Had quite a superb show planned today but for some unknown reason, a part of the system failed us!!

So much news and again, MORE NEWS!!! From The un-eventful summit that allowed the media, including FOX NEWS, to spread the word that: 'both sides just puffed up and minced through "Talking Points".'

I heard and saw something far different than that. Their "Talking Points" emphasized the differences of opinion and how both sides feel about recognizing the American public. I feel they showed that.

Bill O'Reilly, in his typical bloviating self, makes claims that the people shouldn't be "allowed" to watch the cool sharks eating trainers at Seaworld and maybe some federal intervention is necessary there!! Then, his position on health care has also taken a huge left turn. His position that 'federal intervention is obviously needed to mandate and mediate profits distributed within corporations.'


Common sense dictates that, if a business expenses millions for fun, their pricing will become unpopular and their customers will go elsewhere for a better price, right? It's called a "free market". Competition. To deny competition, denies a business the need to use good business practices, thus: THE SAME PROBLEM WE HAVE SEEN, BEING PERPETUATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. We are paying for these failed business practices!!! Marxism claims, in the quoted words of Rockefeller himself, 'competition should be illegal.'

It is a sad day friends, when the only media outlet that used to tell the truth, or at least some of it, is now under new management. The "Becks' and O'Reilly's' are reversing their positions on the truth more everday. I believe this is to accommodate their new progressive friends. Progressives are happy with their new home at FOX and friends because now, they can be popular on the most widely watched media outlet in America! Shame on FOX.

It is truly a shame. Beck pitting a commonly held opinion against a political hopeful in Texas (Medina), to O'Reilly supporting the uncomfortable posture of a so called president, in his own shoes. Fair and balanced? So was Hitler among his supporters.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday is here again!!! The "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW"

Hello America!! Howard R. Axtell, author and Devin Norris, show host will be hosting the "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" tomorrow (FRIDAY), between 3-5PM Eastern at:

We will be talking about the latest news concerning Where we are headed, Who is taking us there and Why. There is a lot of new news so don't miss this one, it will be an excellent show. Americans are disgusted with the corruption and criminals being allowed to run rampant in Washington DC. We would like to hear your voice. Call ins are very welcome!!

We will also be plugging my new book "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR", which is on sale at the website:

Educate yourself and know what the elite foreign bankers who own FED and control our financial and economic well being, are doing behind closed doors.

Realize the fact that America is responsible and liable for any and all losses suffered by the FED, a foreign banking consortium. America continues to pay in the form of inflation and taxes.

Buy my book and see the evidence with your own eyes; defining history as it actually happened. Education is the most powerful tool there is. Prepare for the worst and be ready for anything. The bubble hasn't even begun to pop yet, but it is going to. It has to. BE PREPARED and EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Learn through reading "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" at:

Friday, February 12, 2010

WAPR.FM with Howard Axtell, author of "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" and Devin Norris, talk show host!!

Today was another successful show- "The Human Food Factor Show"- educating and entertaining folks nationwide!! The administrational joke is still in Washington DC and posing as educated and experienced members of the Obama clan.

The "Sleeping Giant" is awake and we are dedicated to informing and educating that part of the public that cares; Where we are being taken to, Who is taking us there and Why.

Listen to our show weekly- "The HUIMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" from 3-5PM Eastern!!



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Howard R. Axtell, author of "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" and Laurie Roth on last night's radio show!

It was a pretty good show last night! The book! last nights archived show!

Don't forget now, Devin Norris and I host "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" every Friday, from 3-5 PM Eastern, at WAPR.FM. We have an excellent time discussing who's doing what and why. SEE YOU THERE!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catch Howard R. Axtell, author of "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" on the Laurie Roth Show tonight 8PM Eastern!

Catch another spirited debate concerning the tidal wave of dissent and unpopularity of the present administration, all the lies and the deceit. Too much evidence and so little time before we are "there". To know where we are being taken, who is taking us there and why, BUY MY BOOK on sale and listen to our show tonight at 8PM Eastern!! The book!! tonights archived show! live!