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Friday, January 22, 2010

We had a great "HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" today!

Today, on January 22, from 3-5 Eastern; Devin Norris, show host of WAPR.FM and myself, Howard R. Axtell, the author of "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" http://www.humanfoodfactor.com, put the libtards in Washington on notice.

Today's show, "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW" can be listened to by selecting "The Human Food Factor Logo" Under the "Show Logo" at WAPR.FM .

I think we can all be assured, the Sleeping Giant is now awake and pee'od!!

We had spririted debate on the legislation they are trying to punch through and discussed remedies we need to explore. Scott Brown being elected in Massachusettes let Washington DC know, WE DO NOT NEED THEM and WE DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR CRAP! We also don't want their gang element in our neighborhoods, or around our children.

Buy "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" ON SALE at http://www.humanfoodfactor.com and find out WHERE WE ARE BEING HERDED TO, WHO IS TAKING US THERE & WHY!

Educate yourself and prepare. These are dangerous times.


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