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Monday, December 28, 2009

"The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" by Howard R. Axtell- Appearing on THE LAURIE ROTH SHOW, DEC 29th at 6-7PM Eastern!!

Howard R. Axtell, author of "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" is a MUST READ!
The book can be found at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com/

On Dr. Roth's radio talk show, http://therothshow.com/ we will have energetic discussions concerning such things as:

1. The problem with the Executive Powers given to FEMA, by a single presidential signature, that completely nulify the fourth ammendment of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
2. The effects of a nationwide Unified Sovereignty of States and the reversal of power back to the United States.
3. Decentralizing State represented government and ordering all State representatives back to their respective states, for supervised performance.
4. The acceptance of debt by States incurred by a commonwealth, under the fourteenth amendment.
5. An administration giving comfort, aid or otherwise, preferential treatment to the enemy, in view of the fourteenth amendment.

Again, for a look into the world of financial controls and answers to where we are headed, who is taking us there and WHY...

Go to http://thehumanfoodfactor.com for a well researched, inside look at who is driving this country right off a cliff, with all of us on board. BE INFORMED!!

FYI- I will be appearing on the Devin Norris "Wake Up America Show" weekly at http://devinnorris.com/ beginning in January 2010. We'll keep you updated for showtimes!

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