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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Download The Roth Radio Show- December 14th!!

I had a wonderful interview with Dr. Laurie Roth on the ROTH SHOW last night! The 1st hour we talked about ClimateGate and a number of issues that are of great concern to the free world. The doctors second guest was indisposed, so I filled the 2nd hour, as well!! Not being 100 percent prepared was a bit of a challenge, but we had an excellent time educating the public and plugging my new book- The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR, at http://www.humanfoodfactor.com

Copenhagen is now the hub for American owned companies related to pharmaceuticals and manufacturing so, US and British interests are what is directing this movement through pure power alone. It's a smoke screen and at the end of the day, the top 1 percent of the financial food chain, will own the world. All this good news, through Copenhagen, a so called, neutral country.

They are talking about controlling our land, our water and our air. Then we don't even get to vote on it. It's being forced on us.

The rest of the world needs to know, our government DOES NOT represent the wishes of most of America. People are rioting worldwide over US, as the last hope for the free world. They are watching our government crumble our country's solvency, exactly how it has already happened to their countries. WE ARE THEIR LAST HOPE!! They need to know that we do not support this.

You can download the 1st & 2nd show, December 14th, from http://therothshow.com/show-archives/december-2009/ for a listen to a fairly unprepared but interesting interview!!!

We'll let you know when the next up and coming shows will be!!



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