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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The people in Copenhagen are revolting over being overtaken by the American, Chinese and British financial interests. It has tainted what Denmark is all about. It is a complete turnaround from what Copenhagen used to stand for. OECD and NATO being some of their claims to fame, the OECD representing the worlds leading "free markets".

The public worldwide is rioting desperately, as they watch us being led down the same road that turned them into 3rd world countries; democratic monarchy, constitutional monarchy, etc. These and many other failed governments are the ones who stand to be supported by the Copenhagen deal. Funny how a country can have unabounded natural wealth and yet, the people starve.

Where's the money going? 3 guesses. Now, with the Copenhagen agreement, the poor in those countries will be subsidized by our wealth and the fat cats will continue to collect all the natural income. So the rich stay rich and the poor get fed by you and I, right out of our pockets. Redistribution of working class money. OUR MONEY. While the wealthy keeps theirs, we finance the rest. Welcome to the working class. The next thing best, we'll be working for free.

What a plan!!!


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