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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Howard R. Axtell, Alaskan author of his new book- "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR", will be appearing on the Laurie Roth Show on December 29, at 6-7PM EASTERN on AM Radio and web talk Radio. For live listening, go to http://therothshow.com/ or various nationwide AM stations!

Dr. Laurie Roth hosts a fantastic show with such guests as Michelle Malkin and many others who are proactive in re-establishing Freedom in America, as it was designed by our founding fathers. We are seeing a left wing movement against our Constitution and Bill of Rights that is destroying our Freedom and the America we know and love. The demise they are quickly moving our country towards must be met head on, face to face and everyone needs to bone up on Who "they" are, Where they are taking us, and Why!

The book- "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" can be found at http://www.humanfoodfactor.com and is a "must read" for knowing the answers the media simply isn't reporting!!

ALSO- Howard Axtell will be appearing weekly on the Devin Norris Talk Radio Show- "WAKE UP AMERICA", every FRIDAY afternoon at 12:00 EASTERN. To listen live to Howard R. Axtell and Devins many top shelf guests, dial up the web at: http://devinnorris.com/ for one of the best Live Talk Shows there is! Devin Norris is an agressive patriot that leaves no stone unturned!

"The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" and Alaskan author- Howard R. Axtell, has landed in with some of todays finest talk show personalities, in an effort to educate and "WAKE UP AMERICA", before it's too late!

Again, the book- "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR", can be found easily at http://www.humanfoodfactor.com ON SALE TODAY!!


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