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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dear Patriot,

For your perusal and review, I would like to offer you a copy of my new book, "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR". If you enjoy it as much as I did writing it, it will make an excellent addition to your library. Hopefully, it will also create a connection with you, as a fellow Patriot. This book can be found on Amazon, my website and is talked about on radio and other public venues. It also has 100% positive reviews, fancy that!

This is my contribution to help promote Freedom, our Constitution and to stop the insanity that is destroying America. This movement represents a flat refusal by Americans, against a myriad of present day issues that are plain stupid, illegal, un-Constitutional, or all of the above. It appears that our government is stacking the deck, for feeding themselves. And, we are paying for it!

Most Americans are not looking for a handout and truly do enjoy the fruits of successful labor. Those that don't, are the ones that have dragged this country to its knees. No more FREEBIES!!! No more illegal takeovers. No more illegal mandates or un-Constitutional activity! And, NO more supporting everybody else, when we are facing social and economic devastation here at home. We need to save ourselves, #1!

They are concentrating on everywhere else instead of restoring America. We need to work towards getting back to being the world power we used to be and the government needs to help us do it. Not the other way around.

Thanking you ahead of time for your consideration and your part in restoring the America we used to enjoy. The true Americans are present and accounted for.

I am also available for interview and can be reached most anytime!

Thanks very much,

Howard R. Axtell, author, (OATHKEEPER) & ResistNet Admin.


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