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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


HEY EVERYONE.. Thank you for giving my book wings~!!! I am back from Alaska and the King Crab and Alaskan wild salmon I brought back will make many happy!! Wish you were here, you could be too! As an Alaskan author, I am proud of Sarah Palin and I personally appreciate the tremondous amount of support she commands. What this translates to is this: THERE ARE A LOT OF SMART AND NORMAL PEOPLE OUT THERE!!

Lady Liberty, fellow Oathkeepers and all who are banding together against this illegal and tyranical movement against the good people in this country.

Lady Liberty is absolutely correct and so is Glenn about America's lands. This land is highly valuable real estate, especially in it's pristine condition. I believe, as others do, that the reason we are not pumping our own oil and creating jobs leaving coal, minerals, etc. in the ground, is to keep the value of the land at it's maximum.

Glenn believes that it will be used to back a new universal currency. I believe, as others do, this offers maximum worth as collateral against our debts. Imagine, if we default, It's almost guaranteed. Guess who we'll be working for then.

I believe we need to decentralize government and bring our representatives home to their respective states. And, if they don't agree, they're gone. I believe we should accelerate the process and do to them what they did to Sarah Palin. Hit them where it hurts; their ever so valuable DC pocketbook. Maybe lawsuit after lawsuit might work, or at least help.

And, we must be prepared for a unity of our movement, when and if the "lights go out". Every one agrees, the present administrations actions are illegal and are being allowed. Something has to be done- beginning immediately.

By the way.... THANKS TO EVERYONE, those who have given my new book "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" wings. Our beliefs have been effectively strengthened through educating people who want to know the facts about Where we are going, Who is taking us there and WHY!!! It is a service to our efforts and will speed me into book number 2, forth coming!! THANKS AGAIN!!

Again, as seen on Amazon also: http://www.humanfoodfactor.com


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