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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello from the Land of the Ice and Snow!

Here we are today in Eagle River, Alaska, right next door to Sarah Palin's hometown!! Seeing the kids and grandchildren is a super day any day! Been eating reindeer sausage, enjoying clean air and a fresh new viewpoint. What a perfect way to start my new book! A sneak peek....

AMERICA For Sale! Come one come all, no parcel too small! Managed by N.W.O Realty!

This will be the next, once "The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR" sprouts wings. This new book promises to be an excellent accounting of actual history dating back 135 years before Columbus landed at Plymouth Rock. This book will reveal sources that claim that America was originally an expiriment and exploration began long before Columbus came to this great land!

ALSO- New advertising on the Jeff Rense site- http://www.rense.com , has just started today and I highly recommend his site for information about tons of interesting subjects and products. Have a peaceful day and I will see you when I get back to Tennessee!!


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